Sweet submission

It started with a guarded slap on my ass. I quickened my step and his hand squeezed mine as he leaned in and whispered, "That's not even close to what's waiting for you at home." I shivered as he laughed softly, letting his hand linger at the hem of my skirt.

The breeze rustled it slightly and suddenly his hand was there, on my bare ass, squeezing and rubbing at my thong. I could feel my knees get weaker and resisted the urge to sprint home. The night was cold and I felt my nipples strain through the holes in my peek-a-boo bra. I felt his fingers brush my throbbing clit; he circled it with his thumb occasionally pushing the material in and out.

Finally I saw the door. I stumbled towards it, gasping slightly. My chest heaving as I fumbled with the keys... while he started to lift my skirt higher and higher. "Hurry", he teased, "your neighbors are about to see that dripping pussy." We fell through the door and immediately I was up against it while he kissed my neck, the top of my tits and my mouth. My hands were locked above my head and I unconsciously wrapped my leg around his waist. I ached for him, while my tongue tasted every inch of his hot, delicious mouth.

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It stopped as soon as it began. He stepped back and ordered me forward, "Strip. Slowly". I walked forward and into the center of the warm light flooding in from the street lamp. I swayed in the silence and felt the plaid skirt move against my thighs. I began to unbutton the white shirt, slowly circling my hips closer to him. Bending forward I felt the shirt slip from my shoulders and moaned as he grabbed a nipple in his mouth and sucked it hard. Forgetting the rest of the dance, I pulled him towards me as he turned me around. Flipping my skirt up, he grunted in approval at my lacy crotchless thong panties and thigh-high fishnets. He grabbed a handful of hair and another handful of tits, pushing me face first onto the couch as he plunged his cock into my waiting pussy. I pushed back into him, squirming, sighing in pleasure and moaning for more. He plunged unforgiving, again and again, into me.

I could feel every thrust, my swollen lips hugging each inch that slid into me. As the pace increased, he pinched my nipples and bit the tender flesh at the base of my neck. As I arched my back in pleasure, feeling the biting pain at my nipples, he swelled inside me and roared. Barely realizing that he had come, I felt the sticky liquid seep out as I was yet again tossed onto the couch. He tore my panties down and tenderly licked and suckled the sweet sticky mess around my engorged lips. I closed my eyes and leaned back as I felt one finger and then two enter me. I could feel him curling them and cajoling me to orgasm. Soon he added a third finger, pushing deeper, making me spread my legs to meet his eager hands.

"Relax", he whispered, "I'm going to fist you." I felt myself stretch and groaned in pleasure as his mouth found my clit and sucked furiously. Then, just as I couldn't take any more, my hips bucking half in protest and half in desire I felt full and oh so wet. I swallowed his hand with a hunger I didn't realize I possessed, and felt him push deeply within me. Cradling my breast in one hand and rubbing my nipple between his fingers, his mouth continued to work my clit. Lust overtook my body and abandoning all logic, I arched away from the couch, onto his fist and came hard into his mouth and all over his hand.

Shuddering as he slowly pulled out of me, I opened my tightly shut eyes. "Maybe I should get paper towels" I whispered. "No, we're going to lick each other clean, the night has only just begun."

With that I felt his warm breath and soft tongue work his way up the tender flesh of my thigh, biting the fishnets as he passed. I laughed softly, bringing his fingers to my mouth one by one. After all, he'd insisted and tonight was our night of debauchery and depravity.

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