Yes Sir! She follows my every word

Whatever I say, she follows. Telling her to "stand still, don't move, I will remove every article of clothing from your body, so that I can see all of you" - she listens; she obeys.  And even when my sickest fantasies turn into realities, she listens; she obeys.

She lies before me - naked, exposed, only wearing her Silver Princess collar--and I make sure that the handcuffs are tight enough for her to never escape, not ever leave me.  With her arms immobilized behind her back, she struggles, wiggles on my sheets, already wet from her sweet, needy cunt, and whines at the repeated irritation that the cuffs make on her wrists.  And I reply to her disobedience.  "Be quiet, little slut.  I told you to not move."  She stops, looks up at me and glares.

"Please, Sir," she begs, slowly moving her hips in hopes of enticing me. I take off my belt in one swift movement, fold it over and smack her thigh with it.  Softly.  Lightly.  She lets out a small yelp, and begs me again, begs for more pain.  I whip her again, harder this time, more passionately, smirking as the leather makes a crack on her skin. She cries out in pain, thrashing to her side, trying to cover her face with her small, weak shoulders.  Her beautiful pussy drips for me, gets my sheets soaked with her juices.  I tell her to move onto her stomach, arch her ass into me, and she immediately does as I order her.

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Clipping the leather leash onto her collar, I pull on it, her neck stretching back as she gasps and clenches her hands into fists as the cuffs scratch her further.  I rub my hard cock against her wet pussy and she moves against me, attempting to force me into her.  I arch over her and whisper in her ear, telling her to beg for it as I rub my head against her opening.  She moans and yells, "Please, Sir, please, I want you!"

I move back from my arched position, sitting up, and pull on the collar, making her moan and gasp louder.  Pushing myself slowly into her, I let her pussy consume me; let her feel all of my length and girth.  She screams and begs for me to go faster, to please go faster, and I give in, thrusting into her more forcefully with each movement of my hips. Her hands clench and unclench as she screams my name and begs me to "please Sir, go faster!"  I drop my belt on the bed, wrap the leash around my hand a couple of times and pull her neck even further back, spanking her ass with my hand.  Her soaking pussy and her intensifying moans tell me that she's ready to come, she needs to come.  I don't let her.

"You're not coming until I'm finished with you, my beautiful girl."  She sighs at my voice and lowers hers to a more soothing level, telling me to move into her faster and spill into her.  I move faster into her but hold back, smacking her ass harder and she screams that she's going to collapse, she needs to come, can she please come.  I arch over her again, tugging on the collar, and whisper into her ear, "Come with me."

With one last thrust, I move myself into her and explode, her pussy contracting around my cock in orgasm.  Together, we finish and collapse into each others' bodies, drowned in pure bliss.

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