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You try to stifle a smile as he rips the paper from the box. You fail and he stops to fix you with a deep gaze, raising his eyebrow as he once more turns to the package. Your smile turns to a giggle as you know that he will be both pleased and amused by your surprise gift.

You are rewarded with a deep chuckle as he holds the leather paddle. He raises his eyebrow again and asks if the cut out "slut" is an accusation or acceptance of your status. You feel that familiar tingle deep inside your being as you wiggle your toes happily and whisper that you accepted your status long ago. He smiles as he holds the paddle, testing its weight and nodding as he judges it more than acceptable.

You point to the box "There is more Master!". Your excitement at his pleasure intensifying the tingle which is now covering your body. He smiles and tells you that you are right in ways you haven't even begun to understand. He delves into the box, his eyes fixed on you, smiling as he sees that blush of need climbing over your chest and up your neck. His hand comes into view once more and this time his laugh is a deep belly laugh. "MORE clamps?" His large hand makes the beaded nipple clamps look incongruous. You sigh happily, your nipples peaking even as you see the clamps in his hand and tell him that just like shoes and lingerie a girl can never have too many clamps adding "and they are so pretty!"

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He stands and takes your hand telling you that you have teased him long enough. He leads you to the bedroom and turns you to face him before he slowly and gently kisses your lips. You moan into his kiss and hiss as his tender kiss ends with his teeth closing hard on your full bottom lip. "A taste of what is to come, my sweet", words that you barely hear as his mouth closes over yours once more. You feel your body react as it always does to him and you melt into his arms.

He moves away and sits on the chair, telling you that he wants to watch you strip for him. You smile sweetly, in contrast to the sexy thoughts in your mind as you slowly unbutton your dress and ease it from your shoulders. He sighs happily as his property comes into view. He smiles admiringly and tells you not to remove your bra or panties.

He stands and pulls you close, kissing you softly once more before you feel his fingers move through your hair. Then he pulls your head back hard, exposing your throat, he licks from your collar bone to your jaw then grips your throat in his free hand. He whispers in a deep, low voice that you have definitely teased enough. Holding your head in place he rips your bra open and tears it from your body. Goosebumps cover you, your nipples erect and so sensitive that even the light breeze from the open window is almost painful.

Looking into your eyes he smiles once more as he uses his free hand to pluck cruelly at your nipples, making sure that they are hard and long. He licks one briefly then reaches into his pocket to pull out one of the clamps. "Pretty isn't it?? And it will feel so sweet on your lovely nipples my slut" You groan with need and close your eyes as you feel your hair released, suspense making you tremble as you stand there before him. Then the clamp bites onto your right nipple in a sharp, delicious pain that makes you yelp. His mouth closes over your other nipple, sucking gently, teasing and easing, then biting hard making you both jump and scream out.

He laughs as he shows the other clamp to you. "Beg for it slut! Beg now!" Your words trip over each as they spill out. Desperate entreaties for more, desperate entreaties for anything he wants to give you. Your words rewarded with the other clamp biting hard onto your sensitive, needy nipple. You throw your head back as the wonderful sensations course through you. Your cunt immediately wet, dripping to be used and your mind swimming with your desire.

You cannot focus on anything bar the nip of the clamps and hardly register his hands pressing you forward so you are bent over, your hands on the edge of the bed. He comes behind you, rubbing his erect cock against your ass, making you moan again and thrust your ass towards him. He corrects you gently, aware of your aroused state, reminding you just once that you are not to move without permission. His fingers slide into the top of your panties and then with a rip they are no longer. Your eyes close once more, your thoughts centred on your cunt as you feel the sweet drip of your need for him.

You hear him test the paddle on his palm. You hear the swish of it through the air as he tests the distance of his swing. Then the delicious crack simultaneous with the sting of the leather onto your ass cheek. You whisper your thanks and the count as he slashes it onto your ass over and over. Counting each blow and thanking your Master over and over. The numbers lose their meaning, you count automatically, at times hardly able to keep pace as he slams into onto you quickly, then time between each bite as he takes his time to ensure that the cut out clearly marks you as what you are. As his slut.

You reach thirty-six and feel that intense need for orgasm almost overwhelm you. You fight it, knowing you dare not come without his permission. He pauses, asks if you want to come for him, already knowing your answer before he asks.

You nod mutely, gasping for breath, then manage to answer "yes Master! Your slut wants to come for you Master!" You feel his finger trace the outline of the word etched onto your flesh. "Yes my slut I know you do". His nail rakes over the marks on your tender ass cheeks causing you to wince as you feel his cock press between your ass cheeks.

His cockhead presses against your dripping cunt, easing into you. His answer, "You get to come when I do slut" causes your head to reel. Then you feel him thrust into you as you hear him grunt. He drives into you over and over, his nail pressing into the welts on your flesh driving you insane with need. His cock pounds hard and harder into you as he reaches around with one hand to pull on one of the pretty clamps.

The pain from your nipple connects with your gushing cunt and you feel your orgasm building. Then just as you feel his cock twitch then erupt deep inside you his voice barks to you "Come slut! Come hard now!!" Your head spins and your body spasms sharply, your cunt milking his cock harder and harder as your entire being is consumed in obeying his wonderful order.

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