Getting Wet

My baby is a water baby. He is infatuated with water. Baths, hot tubs, pools, lakes, oceans...but more than anything, showers. He is in the shower constantly whether he is sick, drunk, hungover, tired, hot, happy, or sad. Multiple showers a day.

He asked me for shower sex from the first time he penetrated me. I suppose it would be the union of his two favorite things. I was intrigued yet intimidated. Shower sex seemed potentially hazardous with its slippery environment and awkward positions. But he was adorably persistent, and gradually, he seduced me into the idea.

Water changed everything. Things became slick, warm, wet. The feeling of his skin, the sensation of his touch acquired an excitingly foreign edge. I let my fingers slip against him and my body slide against his as his moist mouth moved against mine. Everything was lubricated.

Now, water sex can be complicated. Water washes away natural vaginal lubricant. Even though shower sex would not include immersion in water, I insisted on silicone-based lubricant just the same.

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He pressed my body against the wet wall. The smooth, cool tiles licked my back as he began to tease my nerves. I moved my legs, planting one foot at the curve of the base of the tub and perching the other on the rim above it until I was securely pinned.

He checked to make sure I was stable before gently guiding my arms above my head. He slowly fastened them with the handcuffs suction cupped to the wall. I stood immobile as he pushed his vibrating penis inside me. I could not even struggle against the cuffs for fear of disrupting my precarious, slippery balance. The amplified restraint brought my nerves screaming and made each of his thrusts resonate through me.

Standing, the slick walls, his rhythm testing my balance all required more attention, and more attention spawned sharper sensations. My focus made the sex and the wet feeling of him so vivid.

Carefully, he stopped and released my wrists. I could feel the echoes of the cock ring on my clit as the warm droplets of the shower pounded my tingling flesh. I inhaled a combination of humid air and our sex.

He sat in the basin of the tub. I adjusted the shower head and plucked the tub cuffs from the wall. As I began to lower myself, he watched my dripping body gradually move closer, penis anxiously waiting to return inside me.

I settled on top of him, pressing deep into me, and stuck the tub cuffs to the wall above his head. I wrapped a hand in each cuff and tugged on them to rock myself over him. As I moved, he slid his hands over my slick skin. My moans competed with the sound of the spray.

I rode him desperately, hungry for the addictive waves of sensation rolling up from where we joined until my legs whined in exhaustion. Then I slowly stood. He followed me as the heat began to waver in the spray. Cool droplets spliced in against the hot. The cold contradicted the heat radiating off of us.

I moved in front of him and bent over, letting my hands press against the slippery basin. He grabbed my hips and found his place inside me again. He thrust into me. My sounds of pleasure echoed in the small tiled space. I felt the water dripping off of him growing cooler still. His rhythm increased.

He reached around my stomach and lifted my torso up. Joined with me, he stepped forward and pressed me into the wall. The cold tiles bit at my nipples. He wrapped one hand in the wet strands of my hair and buried his face into my neck until I felt him shutter in orgasm against me.

The shower ran cold when we finally stumbled out to dry off.

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