Tasty Treats

Taste is a vivid sense, the way your mouth takes over your mind as a flavor spreads over your tongue. A sweet flavor moves down inside you and resonates through your body, echoes pleasantly on your nerves. The mouth is sensual; lips and tongue soft, warm, and wet.

Your mouth is sensuous. Those gentle pink lips line the gateway to your breath. Your nimble tongue hints and teases in the warm darkness. I watch you speak and relish the feel of your kiss.

Nothing tastes better than you, that natural flavor, the taste of your essence. No artificial concoction can rival your sweetness, but it can be complimented; it can be intensified.

So let's play with flavor; let's dabble in sweet tastes. I want to eat of you completely; I want to put my tongue on every inch of your body and taste everything. I want to blend you with an array of flavors and make a delicious feast.

You are wearing the set that I gave you. Candy invitingly lines your hips and dangles from your nipples. It begs me to eat off of you as much as the look in your eyes. You have the appearance of an appetizer, calmly waiting to be devoured while teasing at the main course to come.

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I lean down and place my warm mouth against the edge of your skin. A chill rolls up your body from the heat of my nibbles. My teeth shatter the sugary circles, and the flavor flows back into my mouth as I drink in the scent of your flesh. I slowly, tauntingly devour each piece of the hanging candy from your trembling body. Your enjoyment is apparent and only fuels my hunger.

I then immobilize you. I want to prepare and tenderize my meal; I want to warm you up. As the gummy rings contain you, I run the edible whip over your body. You move to the touch. You arch your back and roll your hips to chase my caress. I dangle the ends into your mouth and let you taste your teaser before I lift it to my lips and sample myself. I sink my teeth through your handcuffs, liberating you, and we trace bodies and mouths back and forth until the whip is consumed.

I am far from done tasting you; we have not yet even reached the main course. I could eat of you for days. I paint you; I dust you; I coat you in everything sweet and then lick you clean.

I draw my name across your body in chocolate. I mark you and label my meal. I decorate the canvas of your bare flesh, rendering you as edible art; accentuating the attractive curves and angles of your body with chocolate lines and tasty shapes. Then I erase it all with my tongue.

Your body, your breathing responds to my every lick, my every taste. I can feel your heat radiating up into my mouth. I inhale your pleasure as my breath softly tickles your sensitive skin. You feel my warm, smooth tongue leaving wet trails as it explores the length of your flesh. I neglect no inch and tantalize all your nerves.

I feast deeper; I devour closer toward your center; I dine on your most excitable areas. My mouth worships the taste of you as I lick, suck, and nibble you until your body is writhing against me. Your orgasm is the sweetest course yet.

Now it is your turn to taste me.

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