Happy Birthday to Him

In the echoes of the raging orgasms from my birthday, I needed to plan his. I wanted to match the erotic delight he had given me; I wanted to surpass it, giving him more than he expected. Each year, our birthdays became more and more sexually extravagant as we competed with each other.

I was excited to plan a day devoted to only his pleasure. Our sex was usually so balanced, so equal. It was tantalizing to fantasize about temporarily tipping the scales, about taking utter control over his enjoyment. I took his birthday as an excuse to exploit his worship of my body and my love of giving him head.

This was his day. This was entirely about him. I prepared myself in advance. I shaved and groomed myself meticulously. I moisturized and perfumed my flesh. I covered myself scarcely in the sexy clothes that sparked his eye. I made my body inviting and enticing; I made it his.

As we sat at lunch, I could only think of dessert. I felt the glitter painted across my concealed flesh. I was distracted by the present wrapped in my clothing. When we returned home, I gave him most of his gifts; all the accessories for an artful blowjob. His eyes grew wide in excitement.

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I turned the music on softly as I began to unwrap myself for him. I made my body undulate in from of him, rolling into the anticipation of his sight. I rocked my hips and swayed my figure as I seductively slipped each small article of clothing from my dancing flesh. His eyes drank me in; his sight caressed my bare skin. I smiled at his reaction, felt myself growing wet at seeing his response to my body and movement.

I slowly and sensually gyrated myself from each article of clothing until only the small pasties and glitter designs graced my skin. Then I brought my naked body to him. He was throbbing hard and ready for me. I turned a strip tease into a lap dance, smearing my own excitement onto him in my grinding motions. His hands groped and rubbed over me. My own pleasure echoed my focus on his.

I pulled my bare body away from him and dropped to my knees. I tugged his anxious penis from his pants and let him take control of my performance with the dice. I followed the instructions of the rolls, as well as the moans and twitches of his body. He swelled and became harder still in my mouth.

I found myself only getting wetter at his enjoyment. The more pleasurably he responded, the more I relished devoting my sexuality to him. The fizzing of the lubricant I spread slowly over him only hinted to me at the tingling he must have been feeling. I tasted the sweet flavor as I ran my tongue over him.

I slipped the stroker over his cock. I pressed it up and down firmly, watching him tense as his eyes rolled around his head. I brought my mouth to the exposed tip of his penis, sucking hard in synchronization with the movement of the stroker. I felt the beads imbedded in the sleeve move up and down his shaft below my hand, while my other hand cradled his soft, warm balls gently. I felt his head swell firmly in my mouth.

He exploded in a thrashing orgasm onto my tongue. I took his warm cream back into my throat and swallowed it smiling. He melted before me. We had yet to experience the sex I had in store for him. Happy birthday to him.

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