The Weekend

I glanced around the room to make sure everything was ready. It was. I was so excited about this weekend... I had been planning it for months! I ran down a quick checklist in my mind, making sure that I had left the hotel room key where Sam would be sure to find it, and the note telling him I was waiting for him. He would find it when he got into his car after work. I worded the note so that would be no doubt he was in for one exciting weekend.

I walked to the bathroom and checked myself out in the full-length mirror. I loved the nurses' scrub costume! It was PVC and looked fantastic on me. The bustier really showed off my assets. Sam was going to pass out when he saw me.

I heard the doorknob turn and my heart jumped. I rushed out to the middle of the room so I would be the first thing Sam saw when he opened the door. His eyes glued to me, then ran up and down my body, then back to my face. The look on his face was exactly what I had hoped it would be.

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"Are you here for your check up, Sir?" Sam sort of nodded. I went to him and took his hand. "You must take off your clothes and lie down on the bed so I can begin." Sam nodded eagerly and proceeded to strip. When he was naked, he lay on the bed face up, watching me as I walked up to his side. I could easily see he was already becoming aroused.

I went to the bedside table and opened the drawer. First I took out the Sensua organic personal lubricant, and then the ultra thin ruby luster prostate massager I had ordered at the same time as my costume. Sam's eyes got really big when he saw that! To his credit, he didn't say a thing.

I lubed up the massager, and told him to spread his legs. As I climbed on the bed between his legs, I explained in my best nurse's voice that we needed to check his prostate. He nodded but looked very nervous. I bent his legs, and put a bit of the lube on my finger, then rubbed it around his anus. His look of nervousness left, and was replaced by a far-away one. I knew he would love this, even though it was his very first time!

I very gently forced my lubed finger into his rectum and listened in delight to his gasp. Then I removed my finger and replaced it with the massager... ever so gently and slowly. His far-away look turned to one of total pleasure and his cock stood up at attention. I watched the massager slowly disappear inside of him, and it turned me on to the point of making a wet spot on the bed beneath me.

As I used the massager, I very slowly jacked him off. I made it last as long as was humanly possible for poor Sam to hold on. When he finally shot off, it was the longest, most intense orgasm I had ever seen him have.

"Well, sir, it would appear that your prostate is fine!" I giggled as I watched Sam gasp for breath. When he finally was breathing normally, my nurse outfit was on the floor, and we had the most intense, the most sensual weekend we had experienced since we got married.

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