Welcome Home, Sweet Pea

The Airport,

My heart is pounding out of my chest. I can't wait to see you. I scan the crowd for your face, a small flicker of terror comes over me. "Oh my God, what if we don't recognize each other?"  Then I see you.  You're watching me look for you, you smile. We approach each other as quickly as we can without running.  "Erica?" it's silly to ask, but you do. I smile and nod. I can't speak I'm so excited. You take me in your arms and whisper in my ear "Welcome Home, Sweet Pea". Then you kiss me, a soft, sweet kiss that says 'I love you' but still just right for public.

We head out to parking with our arms around each other, chatting about trivial stuff. "How was the flight?" "Not too bad. I had my game and a book to read." We chat about the book and what games I brought for my DS. All the while, sharing little kisses. "I could use a bite to eat." I tell you. So we chat about food options. I don't care where we eat but I need food before we head out on a 3 hour ride.

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We reach the car; you put my bag in the back and open the passenger door for me. I watch as you circle around to the driver side, get in and close the door.  We can't hold back any longer.  Deep passionate kisses pouring all our feelings into one another through our mouths.  Lips and tongues pressing and seeking.  You pull my bottom lip into your mouth and give it a little bite.  I suck on your tongue. Our hands are trying to see what our eyes cannot, exploring for entry under our clothes.  We pull apart, panting.  It feels so good.  We both laugh a little, in our joy.  We fasten our seat belts and share another quick kiss as you start up the engine, and off we go.

On the Road    

We stop for food, just a quick bite at some fast food joint.  We're both anxious to get on the road to home.  We drive for awhile, holding hands and chatting.  We talk about WoW, and work.  Everything that's not important, but is right now for some reason.  I keep reminding you to keep your eyes on the road.  We've run out of small talk and you turn on the radio.  I lay back and doze off for a tiny nap.

I wake up when I feel the car stop. "I'm sorry, I fell asleep on you.  Are we home already?" I look around; it appears we are in the middle of nowhere. "Where are we, Hun?"  You reach over and undo my seat buckle.  "This is where I claim what is MINE, Slut."  I feel the heat of your hand as you reach under my skirt. Running your hand up my thigh I know you're expecting to find my white lace panties.  I see the light in your eyes when you reach my mound to find it naked and ready for you. A little kiss on my cheek, "Good Girl."  You thrust one finger deep in my cunt and growl "MINE!".  "Yes Master, YOURS!" I answer right away.  You withdraw your finger and move up to my clit with a little rub, you claim it, "Mine!"  "Yes Master, Yours."  You bring that finger up to my mouth. I part my lips to accept it with my tongue. You pull back, "No, keep your lips closed."  I close my mouth.  You put that pussy wet finger against my lips "These are Mine, too."  I look in your eyes and nod yes these are Yours, Master.  You push your finger into my mouth and allow me to lick and suck it clean.  You then pinch my tongue between your thumb and finger and gently pull it out of my mouth, "Mine." you say with a smile. I nod again. "Say it." you tell me.  With my tongue captured by your fingers, I say "Yes Master, Yours". I sound funny but you can understand.  You then reach into my blouse and under my bra and grab my tits "These are Mine as well, Slut."  Yes Master, Yours."  You kiss me again, a deep and demanding kiss, "Every part of you is Mine now, Don't forget that." Yes Master, every part of me is Yours."  "Now," you tell me, "I want you to hike your skirt up around your waist, and while I drive us the rest of the way home, you may play with yourself but you're not allowed to cum until we pull up to the house."  "Yes, Sir" 

My fingers slide up and down my pussy spreading the wetness.  I rub my clit just a little.  I'm already very aroused and breathing hard.  Little moans fall from my lips as I glide 2 fingers deep into my dripping cunt.  I reach down my shirt with my other hand and pinch my tit as hard as I can, squeaking just a little.  I'm fucking myself slowly, my fingers dipping in and out.  I curl my fingers a little and stroke the area inside my pussy right behind my clit.  My blood is pulsing, my clit aches.  Every part of me is throbbing.  I don't know how much farther it is to the house, I try to pace myself.  I pull my fingers out of my slick hole and gently rub the opening.  My fingers dive back into my hot, swollen cunt.  I thrust faster.  I know you can hear the wet, sucking sound as my fist smashes into my pussy.  I'm right at the edge of orgasm so I slow again. "Are we almost there?" I gasp out.  "Yes Baby, almost."  I make sure not to touch my clit now, even the slightest brush would send me over the edge.  I'm watching you; I can see you're pleased.  "Now, cum now."  I reach out and hit my clit, and the wave hits me.  Gasping and groaning, I seize and shudder, my body explodes - cum dripping off my fingers.  The orgasm leaves me panting. "Welcome Home, Sweet Pea" you say to me again.  "Thank you Master, for letting me cum."  "You're welcome, now clean yourself up I don't want the neighbors to see what a slut you are."  I lick my fingers and push my skirt down at the same time as you come around and open my door.  We get my bag out of the back and go inside.

At The House

"I need a drink of water, babe" I tell you.  You show me the kitchen and the glasses.  After I have my water you lead me to the living room.

"Now, I will inspect you."  I start to unbutton my blouse, you stop me.  "I will undress you", you tell me, "it's my right to open the package."  "Yes, Master."   You reach out and cup my breasts in your hands then begin to unbutton my blouse.  Careful not to go too fast so you won't pull any of the buttons off.  You slide your hands up my sides to my shoulders. You push my blouse off down my arms, letting it fall to the floor behind me.  You find the zipper on the back of my skirt.  Standing in front of me with your arms around me you slowly lower the zipper.  Then you push my skirt to the floor. I feel your hands stroke my ass. You take my hand and help me step out of the pile of fabric on the floor.  "Thigh high stockings, nice touch." I hear you say.  You unhook my bra and pull it off.  "You won't need this while you're here."  "Yes, Master" I stand before you now wearing nothing but my white thigh high stockings and silver shoes.  You stand back to take it all in, "This is a very pretty picture."   You kneel at my feet, it feels strange, I'm the one who should kneel.  You gently lift my left leg and remove my shoe, then the right one.  Your hands slide up my legs and you roll my stockings down.  As you rise you run your hands over my skin.  You pause at my breasts and pinch both nipples. 

You grab a handful of my hair forcing my head back, as you kiss me you press your clothed body to my naked one.  I know you're hard, I can feel it as you press into me.  "On your knees, Whore."  "Yes, Sir" I say as I immediately drop to my knees.  'I think you know what to do, don't you, Cocksucker?" "Yes, Master"  I undo your pants freeing your rigid cock.  I kiss the head and slip the tip of my tongue past my lips and give a little lick.  Parting my lips, I take your cock in my mouth - I suck gently.  I press my tongue hard against the shaft as I pull back.  I dive down to the base, that little space right above your balls.   I tickle that spot with my tongue.  My tongue traces a line up the shaft following the veins, circling all around and flicking the rim.  I pull the head in my mouth again sucking hard.  Pushing forward, I moan as the tip of your cock touches the back of my throat.  I pull back again and then push forward faster your cock hits my throat again. I gag, I love it, I feel your hands on my head pulling my hair, guiding me.  You pull me off your dick,"Now it's your turn."  You lead me to the couch, and bend me over with the arm under my belly for support.  You rub your dick through my slick, dripping cunt. You lean forward "Beg for it, Bitch." you whisper in my ear.  "Master please, I need you, Oh god please fuck me, please fuck me hard."  The head of your dick pushes in excruciatingly slow.  "Oh god please, Master please."  Suddenly you thrust forward.  I growl "Yes, Master yes."  You pull back and thrust in again and again.  So heavenly.  I feel your pace quicken, I know the glorious end is coming.  "Master, cum deep inside me, deep inside my pussy, please.  For this first time, deep inside me, please."  As you reach up and grab my tits you say "It will be your welcome home present, my little Slut."  You give my tits a hard pinch, "Are you ready?" "Yes ,Master, Yes, yes, yes!!!!"  I feel you tense, I let go, we explode as one - your cock firing deep inside me, as my pussy spasms milking your cock for every last drop.  I collapse over the arm of the couch my legs unable to hold me any longer.  You collapse on top of me, we're both panting hard.  I feel your breath on the side of my face.  "Feel better, baby?" you ask as you rise.  God, how I've wanted to hear that in person.  "Much, much better."  I answer.  We move to the bedroom.

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