My little girl needs a spanking

"Listen to me.  You will do as I say, am I understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"You won't ever disobey me again.  Am I understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl.  I'm glad."

"Do not move unless I tell you to, do not speak unless you are spoken to, I will tell you when I want to hear you.  You are miles away from me, but you will obey me, you will submit to me and give me whatever I tell you to give me.  My beauty, my little girl, my slut - you are mine."

"Stand up.   Pick up your feet."  I slip the panties over her smooth legs, adjust them at her hips and pluck the side-string just once to make her jump.  "Did I tell you to move?"

"No, Sir."

"Then why did you?," I whisper into her ear, groping and massaging a breast until it perks up.

She doesn't answer me, but instead makes a light sigh and I can feel her nipple becoming harder between my fingers.  I lightly brush my fingers over her, her breast bouncing back every time I do.  Her nipples call to me, and I take one into my mouth, running my fingertips down her spine, hearing her gasp, feeling her body get warmer.

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Abruptly, I jerk back, letting go of her after becoming fully erect.  I click my tongue at her a few times and stroke the underside of her chin.  "You tease me, slut."  I can see her immediately become defensive as her eyebrows clench together and her lips form into a scowl.

"No, I don't," she instinctively yells, and I spank her ass in response, correcting her.  She cries out a bit and stumbles forward into me.  "Yes, Sir.  I'm sorry, Sir."

"You're such a good girl." I say to her, my voice evidently dropping a few pitches in my need.  My gloved hand strokes one of her ass cheeks, soothing the mark that I just made.  I lower myself to my knees; now stroking both of her ass cheeks, and kiss her thighs.  She gasps at me, and I move my kisses further into her crease, my fingers slipping under her thong, stroking her shaved lips.  I kiss her there, and tell her that I'm pleased with what a good girl she's being for me.  She nods and bites her lower lip.

I stop and tell her to get on her elbows and knees, and she complies, saying, "Yes, Sir."  I walk over to her, adjust my leather gloves, and lightly kick her knees to spread her thighs further apart.  After choosing a flogger and hitting my hand with it a few times, I trace her back with its tails.  "How many do you think you deserve, slut?"

"Fifteen, Sir."

"No.  Twenty-five."  After rolling my shoulders back, I tighten my grip on the handle, smirk a bit, and send one stroke right into her cute ass.

"One, Master," she manages out after squealing and jerking around.  I correct her, and she obeys, staying still.  Each lash of the flogger I make more intense than the last, her tush turning redder with each one.  She continues to count, each time more pained than the last.  Finally, we're at twenty five.

I kneel down behind her and brush her rouged bum with the tails, laughing lowly.  She sighs at me, not moving.  "Please, Sir.," she begs, keeping her head down, her position unfaltering.  I put the flogger down and give her ass a light tap and rub, then bend down to kiss her.  She gasps at me, and I get up again, ready to give her the final blow.

"You've been a very good girl.  I'm pleased with you."  Then the flogger makes a hissing noise as I bring it down against her, and she counts one last time, crying out and thanking me.   Again, I lightly stroke her back with the tails, and bend down behind her.  I pluck the string of her thong and she winces, gasping a bit.  I lick her there, soothing her.

"You're such a good girl." I whisper against her ass, rubbing her with my cheek and hands.  She sighs in response; I stroke her cunt.  Slowly, I slide two of my fingers into her, and kiss her curved back.  "Now, I'm going to make love to you."

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