Teasing my breath away

You scramble up the bed to me. Placing your hands up on the headboard above my head, you watch as I spread my thighs. I open them wide as a grin melts across your face.  The immediate scent of my cum and pheromones makes me salivate along with you, I can't help but move my fingers between my open lips and plunge them inside of my wet vagina.

I stroke my g-spot, feeling it grow full under my fingertips while you watch.  Your cock grows harder as you intently focus your gaze on my knuckles peeking out from my wet, dark vagina . The moment I lay my head back and shut my eyes to focus on orgasm, you take my wrist and pull my hand and fingers away from my pussy. You coyly tug it to your now fully erect cock and tell me to squeeze it, hard.

Cautiously moving along the bed on your knees as I tighten my grip around your thick shaft, you bring your body closer to mine. Sliding your hands under my thighs, you pull my legs up until my knees are high and bent; the head of your cock is now resting against my clitoris. You slowly rub your cock against my clit in tight circular motions, teasing me until I can feel my juices dripping down my thighs and onto the sheets below.

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I hold my breath praying you'll penetrate me, my breasts are heaved upward as the air begs to escape my lungs; I know I'm incapable of exhaling until you're satisfyingly deep inside of me. In short gasps, I watch your eyes hoping to decipher your next move.

You slowly place the head of your cock right by my slit, waiting to slide it in. The heat radiates from your penis and sears into me, all rational thought escapes me and it feels as if I am suspended in that moment. Unable to wait any longer and fearing I'll stop breathing altogether; I quickly and forcibly rock my hips forward and envelop the entirety of your shaft.

To punish me for making the first move, you work your cock in and out with agonizingly slow thrusts. I'm biting my lower lip to restrain my screams, the entirety of my body begs for quicker movements and the feeling of our leaden thighs banging against one another. A deep purposeful moan escapes my lips as you drag the head of your penis against my g-spot with each torturous, slow stroke. I move my fingers up to the underside of the headboard and grip it tightly, my knuckles turning bone white as I feel the blood rush out of my hands.

You cup your own hands over my breasts as they begin to move lazily with each hard, slow thrust. Toying with my nipples, your thrusting becomes faster- feverish, purposeful. My moaning becomes louder and just when I think I'm going to succumb to orgasm, you pull out!

I scream with disappointment, but you quell the height of my cry by placing your hand, that is covered in my juices, over my mouth, moving it hard against my face.

You kiss the backside of your hand and move your lips to my chin, I feel your tongue prodding out between your two soft, pillowy lips and you run your tongue along the length of my chin and neck until you reach my nape. Lazily dragging your tongue down my chest, you cup my breasts and push them together. Your tongue moves from one nipple to the other, showing each breast ample attention.

As my nipples grow hard from the heat of your mouth and the chill in the air, you stop and lower yourself on the bed. You pull my legs up and part my thighs. I can sense your face between my legs and you slowly extend your tongue out to lick my moist thighs. I'm covered in our fluids, but that doesn't hinder the feverish pace of your unstoppable mouth. You move your lips closer to my clitoris, eventually resting your mouth against it. Immediately, you bare your teeth and I can feel them dragging against it. I gasp for breath, certain I'd soon faint and I cry out as your tongue slithers down my clitoris and into my pussy.

You work your tongue in and out as I open wider with each lick. Your fingers soon find their way to my clitoris and you move them completely impassioned, as you attempt to once again bring me to orgasm. I arch my back as my body writhes uncontrollably on the mattress. I'm gripping the headboard so tightly that it's a miracle that it hasn't splintered.

My body quakes and shivers race up my spine, I squeeze my pc muscles and just as I'm finally able to manipulate my body to orgasm, you stop! I try to lift my head to see why you've once again stopped me before orgasm but you wrap your hands around my ankles and pull my body down the mattress to you.

You scramble up my body, until your lips once more rest against mine. Ravaging my mouth with yours, you hastily throw your leg over my own until your penis hovers not even an inch from my stomach. Your hands find their way to my inner thighs and you slowly part them as you move backward so that the head of your penis once again rests against the opening of my pussy.

Without hesitation, you plunge your engorged dripping cock inside of me. One simple movement of the head of your cock rubbing against my g-spot is enough to finally send me over the edge. I try to stop my scream, for fear of you stopping my orgasm again, as my fingernails dig into your back; but I'm unable to close my lips and quiet my moan.

The entirety of my body shakes and the pulsing muscles of my vagina push you over the edge along with me. With a few quick pumps, you explode inside of me; your cum coating the walls of my vagina and soon spilling down my thighs. Your body feels heavy on top of mine, as the sweat drips from your forehead and onto my cheek. I release the headboard, deep imprints of it in the palms of my hands and move them to your chest, pushing slightly, I signify to you to release my body.

You move onto the bed beside me and I dizzily lay back, my chest heaving. Closing my eyes, I'm amazed that I'm finally able to breathe again.

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