Long Distance Loving

Maybe he's deployed. Maybe you're away for work. Maybe it's just for a weekend. Or maybe it's more long term. Regardless of the situation, you both are apart and your sexuality has not stopped. You crave each other just as intensely (if not more intensely) with this distance, as you would if you were able to physically reach out to one another. Your mind requires the intimacy, the sexuality that ignites the relationship between you; physical distance is no reason to deprive yourself.

You need to use the options available. Physical interaction is the easiest, most direct route to your shared orgasmic bliss, but the mind truly rules the body. Let your minds create the erotic motions; invoke the sweet reactions of your flesh. Fill the space between you with the sexual interactions from your heads until your bodies can meet again.

The phone is intimate, hearing his voice and the tones massaging it. The computer liberates you from your inhibitions; you can say whatever dirty, deviant, risky thought that flits across your mind without awkward eyes, without reaction. The camera is visual; paint your sexuality in pixels. Use these tools to bridge the miles between you.

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You read an erotic story. It taints your mind with ideas. It expands the possibilities, both on the phone and chatting online. Your conversations become thick with all the dirty desires you harbor for each other.

His teasing voice licks at your ear from far away. The vibrator kit lies beside you. The cooling cream waits in your anxious hand. He tells you what to do, how to touch yourself. Apply this much cream to your pussy...Use this vibrator sleeve... Slower... Harder. You imagine this is his touch tantalizing your nerves. Your sounds fill the phone. He hears your coos, your moans of enjoyment and can imagine himself directly causing them. Your sex fills the phone line.

You know what his eyes are missing; they have been starved of your form. Remind him of what he is waiting for; visually stimulate his memory of your body. You can compose the scene, put on your sexiest lingerie or bare nothing at all. Maybe you include props, bringing in your vibrator and pressing it inside yourself to show him where you wish he was. You lower the camera to capture your blossom of slick, pink, soft flesh that you rarely get to glimpse so clear and directly, but he has been mesmerized by.

You give these images to him; tidbits and tastes to feed his appetite. Maybe you add them to a randy email, or commit them to a private blog for his eyes only. You can devote any amount of media to your virtual sex.

Be vocal. Be vivid. Tell him what you want him to do to you over an instant message. Those dirty and enticing words ignite your senses as they escape from your fingertips. You glimpse the words of your own desire, your sexual connection. Describe how you crave him over the phone. The tone of your longing excites you both as you hear his mood echo yours. Recount what you did with your vibrator and all its enticing attachments in a detailed email. Relive your own experience as you share your private sexuality with him.

Then you send him his toy. He has not expected it throughout the teasing play you have been indulging in. You package the Head Honcho in an ambiguous box and ship it silently. His excited and surprised tones greet you on the phone as you suggest simultaneous play. You have your toys to pleasure yourself with, and now he has his. You can both bring your own climaxes together, forming a harmonious, mutual vocal orgasm. It brings even more connection over the distance.

Fill the days apart with a mental sexuality, thick with the images and thoughts of a shared eroticism you keep quiet in your heads. Let your mind writhe naked against his responses, anticipating the exhilarating moment of your sexual reunion.

Recreate This Fantasy with Fantasy Sex Toy Set
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