Oral Fixation Weekend

Two nights. One for each of you to fully focus on and indulge in oral delight. For a night, you get to lay back and lose yourself in the movement of his mouth against you, and for another night, you get to pleasure him completely. This oral sex exchange isn't about foreplay or rushing to sex; this is your opportunity to slow down, to savor each tingle of the experience. You get to focus on improving your technique and enjoying your partner's.

You've both done your research. You read the guide to fellatio as he studied the guide to cunnilingus.

The reading is your mental foreplay, the primer to your desire and expression. You want to educate yourself on this art form, explore all the various modifications and techniques; you want to hone your skills into orgasmic perfection. The words on the pages illuminate unknown acts and ideas in your itching mind. The abundance of information and possibilities fills your heads with fantasy and prospects.

The dice add even more excitement. Each cube listing actions or bodily locations, innocuous until combined with its mate. The small toys liberate you from decision making. You submit to the fates to decide how you will pleasure each other. The colored dice dance teasingly to give your instructions. You have all the direction and inspiration you need to worship each other's bodies.

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His turn first. Lay him back; make him comfortable. He is in for a long night and a lot of attention. The fruity aroma wafts up as you slather him with the body candy souffle. You start slowly, massaging him intently, staring into his eyes. His body responds anxiously to your touch, but there is no need to hurry, no call to rush. You can fill each minute with sensation.

You move your mouth over him slowly at first, warming up, teasing. You feel your own body responding to his excitement. Giving him pleasure resonates down your own nerves. His moans echo in your head, piquing your desire. The dice direct you with random, erotic patterns; they move you over every inch of his body, calling your attention to parts your mind could have neglected. Each roll adds anticipation to your performance; each toss lets his mind entertain the many ways you could touch him.

Maybe you bring him to a single climax, maybe to many. Let the dice and his body's reactions guide you. Wallow in his orgasm, the waves of his satisfaction.

Then it is your turn. You do not have to think about or concentrate on anything except the responses of your nerves to his touch. Your reciprocity fully committed the night before, now you are the center of erotic attention; the night is focused on your orgasms.

You lay back and let him play with your body. He sweetly coats you with the Orange Creamsicle Body Candy cream. You feel the slippery texture as you smell the sweet fragrance of fruit. He takes his time tantalizing the entire canvas of your skin. His hands explore the curves of your flesh; his mouth edges your nerves, bringing them vividly to attention.

You surrender yourself to his oral experimentation and the rolls of the dice that lead it. His tongue ignites your nerves as it wanders across your flesh. He is relentless in the pursuit of your pleasure. Your sensations build and tremble through your limbs. The orgasms ravage you as you lap them up selfishly, embracing your night of oral pleasure.

Recreate This Fantasy with Fantasy Sex Toy Set
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