Upping the Ante

The cards are dealt across the bed. The betting chips sit in anxious stacks, waiting to be risked. The dice whisper teasing combinations. The spinner points between tantalizing possibilities. Lotto tickets beg to be scratched. The Sex Casino is open for you to indulge in a night of sexy gambling and erotic play. Where will you begin, as the options lay spread out before you? Which tantalizing game will you taste first?

You pick up the Sexy Spinner. The plastic pointer shifts through the enticing commands on the small cardboard circle. You flick it, and the pointer turns into a black blur of rotation. Round and round it goes, slowly losing momentum and landing squarely on "soft love bites." You smile deviously and lean forward, softly bringing his warm flesh between your teeth. You lightly nip at length of his neck then hand the spinner to him.

Again, the pointer dissolves into a whirling circle until it reemerges on "oral pleasure." You feel the excitement tingle in you as he grabs the flavored lubricant. The cool liquid edges your nerves before his tongue begins to swirl over you, beckoning your moans.

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You are warmed up. Your nerves are humming pleasantly; the playfulness of the games elicits a deep enjoyment and relaxation for you. Let the real gambling begin. You want to bet with him, compete with him; putting sexual favors on the line.

He shuffles the long, thin cards between his hands. The whirling sound excites you. Your eagerness builds as he begins to lay the hand out in front of you. You look at your cards and evaluate your hand before fingering your betting chips.

You start the betting slow, laying out your tamest chip. You bet him "French kisses." He starts conservatively too and raises you "massage." You have nothing in your hand, but you raise the stakes with "BJ." He matches your gamble with "strip tease." You want to lose. You want him to collect the pot and your sexual favors. Cards revealed, he smiles at his victory and lays the chips out for you.

You give him his French kisses, letting your tongue push softly into his mouth and against his own. You give him the strip tease, letting your body rock and undulate as you toss each article of clothing aside. You give him the massage, spreading the massage oil over his skin and pressing your fingers into his flesh. You give him his blowjob, letting the flavored lubricant tease and coat him before you suck it off slowly with your mouth.

Another hand, you must amplify your card game, up the ante. You replace your clothes from the strip tease. Let your articles of clothing join the betting chips between you. This time, you're taking him down.

Your cards cooperate. You have him right where you want him. Keeping your sexy poker face, you let the pot grow. He begins by tossing in "finger play." You match it with "get tied up." You feel the anticipation swell behind your calm smile. The playful tingles lap up and down your nerves. He raises "spanking," and you echo with "tickles all over." You feel the height of the sexual stakes. Turning over your winning hand, it's time to collect your rewards.

He uses the Silk Seductions to tie you up; facedown. The cloth gently restrains you, smooth and cool against your skin. You feel the paddle softly striking your backside. You moan at each hit. His hands roam your body, grabbing and tickling. Your nerves scream in that anxious, squirming pleasure until his fingers find your clit and push inside you.

You both are ready to move on, to explore the next game. Now, the Naughty Dice are going to roll. The small cubes clack against each other as they roll between his hands. Your eagerness builds as you watch the black and white dice tumble from his fingers that were just inside you. Will it be "nibble neck?" Will it be "kiss lips?" You silently hope for "lick naughty bits."

The dice fall in multiple combinations. You take turns tempting your sexual fates and heading the instructions of the dice. You laugh at each roll and enjoy each fulfillment. But maybe this is enough. Maybe you've teased and tantalized each other to the point of near madness.

You hand him one of the Scratch & Win Lotto Cards. The gray circle in the middle masks the prize. You peak over his shoulder as he begins to scratch chunks of the circle away. "Quickie" appears beside what. His quarter moves. "2 minutes!" emerges beside how long. You itch in anticipation until "in the kitchen" is revealed as where. You're both ready to redeem it. After all this play, two minutes shouldn't be a problem for either of you.

Recreate This Fantasy with Fantasy Sex Toy Set
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