The Wicked Wait: An Evening of Plugged Pleasure

It's early on a Saturday morning. You don't expect his call; he had to go into the office today, but just hearing his voice is enough to excite you.

"Hello baby. I have a surprise for you," he says. "We're going out tonight, dinner and dancing after."

You can't contain the smile that lights up your face even though he's not there to see it. Your heartbeat quickens as you reply, "I can't wait."

"That's not all. I want you to treat yourself today, take your time getting ready; I've scheduled you for a manicure and pedicure, and after, be sure to check the mail. A package should be arriving today; I want you to call me before you open it."

"What is it," you ask. "What did you get me?"

"You'll have to wait and see. Remember not to open it until you call me."

You do precisely as he says; relaxing as your nails and feet are scrubbed and polished. Once home, you check the mailbox only to find it empty. Showering and dressing, you take the time to get your hair and make up just perfect. You know what dress he loves on you and underneath you wear that special lingerie he bought you for Valentine's Day.

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Why is the mail always so late anytime you're expecting something?

Finally it arrives and you rush back into the house. You phone him as instructed.

"It's here," you say breathlessly.

"Good, now open the box and look inside."

Underneath the layers of bubble wrap is a hot pink mini vibrator, a small square box, and a bottle of anal lube. You gasp as you open the box and see the shiny strawberry shaped aluminum mini plug.

"I want you to put the phone on speaker. I want you to tell me exactly what you're doing as you do it. Start by using the vibrator on your clit, until you're nice and wet and relaxed. I want to hear every sound you make especially as you push the plug inside you," he says.

You picture him, sitting at his desk, his face placid and calm but his cock so rigid it threatens to push through his pants. Knowing how much it turns him on, makes you so wet and ready.

"I'm pushing my panties down now. They're around my ankles. I running the vibe up and down my slit, and circling my clit. It feels so damn good. Now I'm pumping the lube onto my fingers. I'm bending over the counter in the bathroom and spreading my legs apart. Now I'm spreading some lube around my ass and some more inside."

"Tell me how it feels," he interrupts.

"The lube is heating up inside me, so warm and slippery. It makes me want to put my fingers inside me."

"Then do it," he says guiding you along.

He hears your moans as two slick fingers slip inside.

"Enough," he says, "lube up the plug."

"I'm spreading lube on it now. The steel feels so cold against my butt. It's so rigid, so heavy. I'm pushing it a bit now," you say, when all of a sudden your words are replaced by a loud gasp as the plug pushes past the tight ring of muscles and locks into position.

"Good girl," he whispers into the phone when you put it to your ear again. "Such a good girl. I'll pick you up in thirty minutes. I'm not going to touch you beyond a kiss until we get to the club....after dinner," he says. You can almost see the wicked grin on his face.

You're aroused the entire time you wait for him. The plug's constant presence keeps you wet and aching for him. Over dinner he asks you how it feels to be in such in beautiful place with the steel toy buried deep inside you and no one around suspecting how wanton you are. He asks you how wet you are. When you tell him that you're drenched, he asks for proof. You look around, trying to determine where the waiter is, if any diners can see you. You reach under the table, pushing your pretty lacey panties aside and finger yourself. Extracting your fingers, you reach across the table, no longer caring who may be watching, and run them along his lips.

On the ride to the club you realize you can barely recall what you just ate. You're sure he'll relent now and at least play with you on the short drive to the club, but he's true to his word. He even brushes your hand aside when you try to rub his erection.

The waiting is a bittersweet ache. With the pure plug inside you, your mind is completely occupied with the sensations between your thighs.

At the club, he stands behind you as you lean over the bar to order a drink, pressing his throbbing cock into your ass, and whispering what a wanton little slut you are. His hand snakes it way under your dress and gives a firm tug to the handle of the pure plug. You can't help it, you gasp so loudly that the man to your right looks over at you, and you feel the blood rush up to redden your cheeks.

When you dance, he runs his hands down your back and lets them rest on your ass, while he tells you that when he gets you home...he's going to fuck you with the plug still inside you.

You just look up at him with that coy smile of yours and ask, "Can we leave now?"

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