Passion by the Pale Moonlight

I could almost feel the moonlight dance across my bare skin as it streamed through my window, as I lied there naked among the soft silken throw blankets, content in the still calm of a star skewed night. It was a beautiful evening, cool and calm, refreshing me with cleansing whispers of fresh evening air. The full moon, bursting with silvery pale light, felt like a lover's arousing touch as it shone over my neck and breasts. I was alone here, in this graceful moon swept world. I was alone, or so I thought, immersed in my thoughts.

I failed to realize the silhouette looming outside, until I heard the window slide open and felt fingertips brush against my thigh. "Well hello beautiful," a smooth sultry male voice whispered in the darkness. Startled I drew my legs in, unsure of the stranger in the darkness. "It's ok sweetheart, don't be afraid." I heard him whisper again. I knew that voice, its familiarity struck like an acoustic chord in my mind.

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"Oh, it's y-", before I could finish, I felt him on top of me, straddling my naked body, his lips on mine. I tangled my fingers through his hair, pressing my body closer to his, a fiery craving overwhelming my senses sending erotic chills down my spine. Moving my hands down his body, I unbuttoned his shirt, trailing my fingers over his chest and down his stomach. I felt his weight ease, as he stood up to unbutton his jeans, and I moved behind him, pressing my breasts against his spine.

It was my turn; blood coursing through my body, I felt my pussy aching for his long, thick cock. I pushed him back down onto the bed, straddling him between my thighs, moving my lips over his neck and across his collarbone. I could feel his erection against my stomach, and I moved my mouth down to meet it. My lips and mouth taking in his thick cock, I caressed the engorged head with my tongue. Gently licking up and down the side of his cock, feeling it fill my mouth as I took it in deeper and deeper. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest, my pussy dripping with want. I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted him, I needed him, and I lifted my lips from his cock replacing it with my pussy, wet with desire. Grinding up against him, thrusting my hips over his cock, I felt the animalistic moans of erotic pleasure escape my lips. I rode him hard, letting my body take over, each movement of our entwined bodies sending shivers down my spine. I felt his hands on the small of my back, pressing me into him. He lifted me up, his cock still immersed in my dripping pussy, and I wrapped my legs around his body.

Carrying me, he leaned me against the edge of the bed, then began to thrust deep inside of me. My body arched blissfully with each deep thrust, deeper and deeper, harder gaining momentum with each movement. I felt my body twist and writhe. Oh god, I wanted to feel him cum; I wanted to feel his pulsing blissful orgasm deep inside me. Faster and faster, I could feel myself approach the edge of climactic, orgasmic bliss. Then, finally, he pushed me over the edge, and I climaxed, my spine arching, every nerve in my body alive and writhing with orgasmic wondrous pleasure.

And I felt him too, his throbbing cock inside me, cum dripping down my thigh as we both fell into the throes of sensual, erotic pleasure.

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