The Road to Submission

I was sitting in the car outside a gas station. Amy - a gorgeous blonde with massive and perfect breasts - was sitting next to me, with nothing on but a coat.

I decide to tie her hands and legs to the seat; she submits to me with unfaultering service. As she is strapped down, I show her the ball gag. Seductively, I slip it into her mouth, between her beautiful red lips. Showing her the vibrator, I tease her with it by turning it on and letting it tickle her perfect round breasts. She squirms in the seat with excitement knowing what's coming next.

I slowly glide it down her body, tickling her all the way down. It reaches her clit and she can feel the pleasure flowing around her body, as I slowly push it into her already wet vagina. I can hear her moans and groans from behind the ball gag, which is dripping with saliva.

I can see the excitement in her eyes as she is about to climax. "Beg for it," I whisper in her ear while she's still moaning with pleasure. As I lift the gag in her mouth, she replies "Please, Master. Please let me cum"

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"I dont think you deserve it. Prove to your master that you deserve it," I whisper. "I want to hear you groan." Without hesitation, she responds to my order.

I turn the vibrator up to max and she squirms even more. Then I rub some of the saliva dripping from her gorgeous mouth onto her breasts, and they shine in the light. Finally, I give her permission to cum, and her body stiffens as she lets go and squirts everywhere. I watch as she wriggles in enjoyment.

Removing the vibrator, I say to her, "You dirty slut, you've squirted everywhere."

"Sorry, Master. Please forgive me Master," she whimpers.

"You need punishing!"

"Yes, Master. Punish me, Master," She says obediently. I force her to lick up all the cum from the car and the vibrator. Then I put a mini vibrator in her vagina, and attach electrodes to her ass and perfect breasts. Loosening the straps holding her to the seat, I ask her to fill up the gas tank, then go into the store and buy bananas and pay for the gas.

While she is doing this, I watch how every five seconds her perfect ass clenches, and how the top half of her body goes rigid. Watching her, while slowly masturbating in the car, I can see the enjoyment on her face, and that she wants to orgasm again.

When she returns I begin to drive off, and force her to give me a handjob while masturbating herself with the banana. She complies obediently, once again. She is my sex slave. She knows, deep down, that this was her role in life, to please me in anyway possible without question.

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