Bound by Love

He tied me up with his silk tie. I was standing naked and bare in the center of the hotel room with Mr. Suen beside me, and my husband sitting beside the desk watching with a deep longing that I hadn't seen in years. I'd seen Mr. Suen before, he was the company's new lawyer, but I'd never met him. He was tall with broad shoulders and always wore Drakar Noir. Moving to stand in front of me he ran his hands down my neck, nipples, stomach and thighs. He glanced over his shoulder to look at my husband, then slid two fingers into my dripping wet cunt. Still bound by his silk tie he moved me to the bed and lay me face down on my stomach. I couldn't move, as he held by head up with a fist full of my hair and asked, "Have you been good?"

"No", I replied as my eyes welled up. My husband and I used to play like this, he always loved it when I cried. He watched longingly, but was not allowed to join this time.

Mr. Suen unzipped his Yves Saint-Laurent suit pants. With his right hand he teased my wet pussy as I writhed in pleasure, then smacked by bare ass once with his left. It didn't hurt too much, but from the stinging I knew a perfect handprint was slowly appearing on my body. As he grabbed my nipples and squeezed them hard, he barked, "Apologize to your husband."

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I looked at my husband's deep brown eyes, and silent tears started streaming down my hot cheeks. "Baby I'm sorry. I'm sorry and I love you, but we haven't been in love for years. I want you."

He released my aching nipples, and with a loud slap another perfect handprint appeared on my body. Mr. Suen pulled back my head by my hair again and thrust deep and hard inside of me. I could feel his thick cock inside me, every vein and ripple moving against my body. I screamed out and clawed at the sheets. I could feel my husband's eyes on me as Mr. Suen fucked me harder and harder, every thrust more powerful that the previous one.

"Beg for it!" he demanded, as he released by hair and pushed my head down.

"Please, please let me cum." I pled. "I need you; my body is shaking and raw. Please!"

He reached around and violently rubbed my throbbing clit, then quickly pulled his cock out of me. He was going to continue to tease me, longer and longer, until I burst with such pleasurable pain. Mr. Suen moved me to my knees on the floor, and pushed my mouth over his dripping cock. His cum was sweet in my mouth but he wasn't going to finish like this. I moved my head and moaned with desire as he clutched my hair and pushed down on my shoulders. I knew he was looking at my husband, teasing him with a smile.

My hands were still bound tight by the silk tie when Mr. Suen threw me back on the bed. He bit my lips and tore at my nipples. He thrust inside of me and I came. As I laid there on the wet sheets, shaking and sweaty, Mr. Suen zipped up his pants and shrugged his jacket back on. He fixed his hair, then cooly left the room as if nothing had happened.

My husband came over to me and kissed my cheek. He tenderly brushed back my hair and kissed my belly. He pulled the covers over my exposed body then curled up beside me and unbound my hands, throwing the silk tie to the floor.

Finally whispering in my ear, "I love you."

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