Controlled by Eve

It started out a typical Friday evening on campus. My group of friends are not really the partying type, so we decided to hang out at the dormitory common room on the second floor. This was an ideal place for what we were planning, it had a nice large table with plenty of chairs. We gathered around and prepared for our weekly ritual. When we were ready, we sat down at the table, dealt out our money, rolled the dice, and started a long game of Monopoly.

Then along came Eve, a strawberry blonde with green eyes, and very healthy sized bosoms, which I couldn't help but notice. She walked up to where I was sitting and said, "I've got that book you need for English in my room. Are you doing anything in particular later? Or are you free now? My room's in a different building and I don't like walking outside alone after dark."

"Um, sure. I'm free." I wasn't really, my Monopoly game was due to go on for another three hours or so. But I am a gentleman, and the lady always comes first. My friends promised they would wait for me to come back. None of us guessed that would be the next day.

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While walking the distance from my dorm to hers, she started to look at the stars. I followed her gaze and saw that it was a clear sky, with just a wisp of a cloud partially covering the moon. It was a great night, not too warm, or too cold, with the snow finally giving up and letting spring through the Ohio ground. As we neared her dormitory, she let out a chuckle. It sounded feral, like she was about to turn around and rip out my throat then eat me. I knew Eve well enough that she wouldn't do that. Or at least, I hoped she wouldn't.

"Are you OK?" I asked timidly. "You look a bit hungry." She flashed a toothy grin back at me, and responded with, "And what's wrong with hunger? Hunger can be so fun to satisfy...if the right things just happen to be laying around." This took me aback. I was expecting more along the lines of..."Yes, I didn't get enough dinner." But for some then-unknown reason, her response excited me, and I continued to chaperone her to her room, feeling like there was some ulterior motive. I wondered why she needed me to take her to her room. Ours is a safe campus, and on top of that, she's sure of herself and not inebriated. There are plenty of easier targets for thieves and such.

We entered her dorm, more known for its drunks than not, and continued through the stench of cheap beer to her room, a safe haven for me and my nose. Eve wasn't a drinker, as she had told me in the past. We entered into her room, and my eyes took a second to adjust to the darkness. The curtains on the far side were drawn shut, and beneath them was her raised bed. Jutting out at a right angle was a second bed-turned-couch. Eve was one of the lucky ones who started with a roommate, and lost her somewhere along the way. Which left Eve alone with two beds to do with as she pleased. On her walls, I saw posters and paintings, a mixture of fantasy characters and real people, with their only commonality being their subject matter: strong females. On her bed lay some sort of green shawl with bells, and another object I couldn't make out, as Eve had closed the door. I heard the telltale click of a lock.

I backed up against the wall, and before I knew it, she was on me. Her breasts pressed up against me, sending shockwaves throughout my body. This was a first. This was new. This was exciting. Thoughts coursed through my mind and were gone again before I could grab on to them. She continued to rub against me. I was completely flustered and barely got out, "W..What are you doing!?"

Probably expecting this question, she retorted, "Getting what I want. If that's alright with you?" I understood exactly what she meant. Unable to talk, as my vocal skills seemed to have deteriorated, I gave a small nod. She, in affirmation, angled my head to the left and bit down on my neck. My entire body tensed, and I got a hard-on like never before. The bite hurt. But at the same time, it invigorated me and made me feel alive. Instinctively, I pushed myself away from the bite straight into the wall, and she moved with me, pulling my shirt off as she went. Then came the nibblings, and the bites, all along my collarbone and down to my chest. I couldn't help myself; I started to moan and gasp, which only make her more ferocious.

I loved every agonizing moment of it, and it ended too soon, with her shoving me to the ground and commanding, "Take off your pants. NOW!" I moved to obey, my hands shaking as they unfastened my pants, causing me to take much longer than I desired. When I finally succeeded, I looked up at her, now only in her panties. She noticed me staring at her breasts, and pointed out that I had yet to remove my boxers. Even more flustered, I stood up and tried to remove them as quickly as possible, almost falling over in the process.

She pushed me down again and sat firmly on my lap, her panties pressing against my penis. Her bare breasts rubbed against my chest. She grabbed both my hands and put them up behind my head. I vaguely heard the click, and then she was off me. And she was pulling me, rather surprised, by my now bound hands. I was completely at her mercy. When she showed me the black collar and said, "Now if I put this on you, you are going to do exactly what I say. You will be mine, you understand me?" I knew exactly what my response would be. "Put it on me...Put it on me quickly, Eve. I want it. I want it so bad." I wanted to be controlled by her; I needed to be. But still she tantalized me, "If you let me put this on you, there's no going back. I'll have complete control. Are you sure you want that? Are you completely positive?" I was. I was letting go of control, which was exactly what I've always wanted to happen. I begged, "Please, Eve, anything! I'll do anything just please don't stop!"

She fastened the collar around my neck. Then grasping the ring in front with her forefinger, she pulled me in for a kiss, and tossed me aside by my hair as she went over to her dresser. Knowing exactly what she was looking for, she pulled out a condom and some lube to use. Having full control of the situation, she pulled the condom over my penis, and then came the lube. I almost lost it there. But a little voice told me that it would get a lot better, that I should hold out. She crawled up my body, removing her panties as she went. She stopped over my face and commanded, "Eat! And don't stop until I tell you to."

I knew what she wanted, and I gave it to her. I licked, nibbled, and licked some more. I sucked and moved my head closer. My goal was to please her every way I could. After a while, she moved away from my face. I was a little disappointed until I saw where she was headed. She sat up erect and then slid my dick inside her. She started moving up and down, up and down, over and over. I was going crazy. I didn't know what to do. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out long, but I had to have her permission. I knew I would be punished if I didn't. "Mis...Mistress? I...I wanna cum! Please let me cum!"

Saying this just made her move faster. And then she started to moan and scream, pulling me in with her hands. Close enough that I could move my hands around her body and move with her. She kept moving faster and faster, until she convulsed around me. And I, in turn, came.

After a minute, I regained some sensibilities. I worried, and realized my error, "A...ah Mistress? I didn't have your permission yet, did I?"

She let out a satisfied giggle, stroked my cheek, and responded, "That's okay my pet. You did very, very well."

The next day, my friends wanted to know why I didn't return to Monopoly, and why I was now making a fashion statement by wearing a black collar with a loop in front. That was my secret. Mine and Eve's.

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