Anticipation fantasy

You sit and wait in your truck in your work parking lot. You wait nervously, checking out every set of headlights. She is on the way.

It's been so long since you have touched her. Phone calls and text messages just don't meet that deep wet need you have.

Finally, a car slows and turns in. Your leg shakes. You place your hand on your knee to calm yourself. Nothing works. The car pulls up close. You can see her. She opens her car door quickly. The headlights go out, so she is clear to your eyes now. She smiles. She jumps out and slams the car door. You don't know what to do. You jump out and meet her halfway.

She jumps into your arms nearly knocking you down. "I've missed you so much!" she squeals as she covers your face with kisses. She then slows down and sets her sights on your mouth.

You reach up for her face and tenderly hold her there, your mouths making love, your hearts pounding. You press her body up against your truck and kiss her deeply, your tongue teasing hers. She raises one leg to wrap it around your waist. You pull the other up, holding her up by her ass. She stops kissing you to give you an amazed look into your eyes. She feels your erection pressing into her. She smiles a wicked grin.

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You whisper, "You want to get in the truck?"

She drops to the ground and bounces into the back seat. You move to the door. She grabs you and kisses you madly as you try to get inside and shut the door. She positions her body on her knees in the seat to your side while kissing you still. She attacks the button on your jeans. She rips and pulls at your zipper. You are more than glad to help. Before you know it she covers your manhood with her warm hot mouth. You toss your head back on the seat back and moan. You reach up and run your fingers through your hair looking down at her head bobbing up and down. "Oh Baby, feels so good!" you moan out loud. She fixes her focus on the head, sucking .

You beg her to slow down. It's been so long. You're going to finish too soon. She moans and shakes her head with a no. She wants to make you feel good and she wants to take it all. You feel your explosion building. You ask her if she wants it in her mouth. She sucks you harder, taking you deeper. You moan so loud! Feels so good as you finish in her mouth. She sucks you, taking in every drop of your thick hot liquid.

She raises her head and looks at you with a smile as she wipes her mouth with back of her hand. She takes a drink of a half warm beer sitting in your cup holder.

"Will you kiss me?" she asks.

"Yes I will," you say as you grab her and kiss her amazing mouth. "Now it's time I make you feel as good as you made me feel."

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