Working Out the Kinks

Kasey heard the doorknob fumble back and forth before Joy flopped through the door and onto the couch. "Hey Kasey! Any chance you would be willing to give me another one of your miracle massages?"

Kasey's hand shot down to the drawer where she kept her massage oils, as she wiped the soft smile from her lips. "Sure! Come on back and lay on the table."

Joy had a new job that was taking a toll on her well-muscled body. Over the last week, she had been making nightly visits to Kasey's house for a half hour massage and a joint soak in Kasey's hot tub. Kasey didn't mind, there were times in the past that Joy had been there to help her...but this time...this time, something felt a little different.

Joy shuffled into the room, pulling her lacey bra over her head. Kasey's eyes drank in the beauty of Joy's breasts as they bounced free. Kasey's tongue darted out across her lips in anticipation, wondering how sweet Joy's nipples would taste between her lips. She turned quickly, and finished setting up the table, as Joy continued to strip her panties down her silky legs. Kasey went to reach for a towel for Joy to cover herself with, feeling her swollen clit ache with a never before known sensation for her lifelong friend. She felt dirty, wrong, excited, needy, damn hot for Joy!

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Kasey was jarred out of her thoughts as Joy flopped herself on the table and stated,"Never mind the towel! You have seen it all before. And besides, we're both girls, right?"

"Right." Kasey agreed carefully, before applying the self warming massage oil to Joy's back and shoulders. She could feel her hands trembling as they traced the muscles of Joy's strong arms, on down to her nimble fingers. Kasey wanted so badly to kiss each finger gently before sucking it into her warm, wet mouth. Instead she kneaded each muscle, moved back up Joy's arm, and placed Joy's hand on her chest. Surely, Joy could feel her ragged breathing and rapid heart beat! Still, there was no sign of any similar feelings or negative reactions, at all.

Kasey continued massaging, back up to the shoulders and neck. Last night she dreamt of planting soft butterfly kisses along that neck. Again, she held back, almost groaning, as she felt a deep ache resonate through her.

Kasey's hands slowly started to glide over Joy's hips and beautifully pert bottom. The muscles tensed only a little, but relaxed quickly under Kasey's inquisitive fingers. The feeling was pure bliss, driving Kasey to distraction!

Kasey's fingers lowered to Joy's thighs, where she caught a glimpse of her glistening clit. Hope surged in Kasey's chest. Slowly, gently, she reached in deeper and then, stopped short. What if her newfound feelings ruined years of friendship? Kasey shook off her needs and continued to give Joy her daily massage.

Suddenly Joy reached down to guide Kasey's hand to her now dripping clit. "What's stopping you?"

Joy rolled over and began to undress Kasey before gently taking her large breast into her mouth, sucking it in between her moist lips. Joy's fingers tickled a trail down Kasey's stomach and into her swollen box. Joy gently nipped Kasey's lower lip before kissing her deeply, "Do you know how long I have waited to do this to you?" she said. With that, she flipped Kasey over onto the massage table and pulled out a vibrator from her pants pocket. "Shall we begin lessons?"

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