Are You Watching?

I wake with my pussy drenched. My fingernail lightly dragging over the lips of my mound. My bedroom bathed in an eerie green neon light from the building across the street from my apartment. The frost on the window catching all the lights, making intricate patterns that my mind that I cannot make out.

I've other things on my mind this morning than light patterns.

A rogue finger slips between the lips of my pussy, I feel my heat. I feel my wetness. Shivering with the icy temperature of my finger, gasping as the gooseflesh spreads across my body like wild fire. My nipples pucker into hard nubs. In my mind I picture how that would look bathed in the morning light. My browny pink nipples pointed and aching against the creamy whiteness of my breasts. The curves, the valley of them in the suns early rays. Looking down over my tummy, the silken folds of my nighty about my hips, watching my hips rise, and the cleft of my mound as it parts as I push my hips higher.

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But the sun is not yet up, and if I know my current mood at all, I know I will want to take care of matters once again in the morning light.

My free hand sliding down over my stomach to the crest of my mound, feeling the soft growth of hair from the night. Smiling in anticipation of a hot shower, the lather of soap, and the feel of my smoothness as the razor travels where my fingers now play. My heat mixed with the warmth of the water pouring over me.

Knees parting wider, my lips part of their own accord, freeing my fingers to slide through my wetness.

Looking over to the computer on my nightstand, a wicked idea passes through my mind. The blinking lights glow the time, much too early for any sane person to be up and not to take full advantage of my current state. Grinning from ear to ear, an idea forms in my horny state. Better to share this, then to just enjoy it myself. After all, sharing is caring, or so they say.

Switching the computer from night mode to a working mode, my finger dips into my pussy before bringing it to my lips. I'd rather not need to clean my keyboard this morning and all that. Sucking my finger deep into my mouth, my tongue pressing up and my teeth closing around this single digit that still is so cold, yet covered with my hot juices. Pulling it slowly from my mouth, my teeth dragging along my finger. It aches once more for the heat of my mouth. Different from the all-encompassing ache of this finger deep in my pussy.

I see the glow about his name and grin knowing he is online. Knowing he should be alone. My hips squirming, thinking about just calling him up and letting him watch while he is at work, as my fingers work their magic upon my body.

Trying to think of enough good reasons not to bother him while he is working. And of course, coming up blank with the possible cons of just ringing in without seeking out his permission.

Praying that the light from the screen of my computer, and that eerie neon green light from across the way will be enough for him to see my body, and to watch my hands move over my body too. The lime green silk of my nighty shines from the screen. The computer rings, waiting for him to pick up as I lean my head back against the pillow and slip my hand beneath the neckline of my nighty. Biting my lower lip to stifle a moan from escaping when I hear him whisper, "Hello Hun, I'm in a meeting. I'll call you...Oh!"  My eyes fly open, flashing him an ear-to-ear smile, my teeth brilliant white, flashing on my screen. His expression priceless, as he stares at me from his office.

The lines between his eyes soften, as his eyebrows rise sky high and his shocked face softens; his lips turning from that "Oh", to a toothy grin of approval.

My hand underneath the top of my nighty, squeezing my breast hard, the flimsy material of the silk makes it easy to see every finger, and what each finger is doing. Moving my hand to my other breast, leaving my nipple hard and painfully erect beneath the silk.

Turning my head to watch his face, I watch as he stifles a sound, a finger rises to his collar. Making me smile that evil smile, and upping the stakes a little more. I hear the gentlemen in the office with him as white noise, not paying them any heed. My attention is only spilt two ways. On my body. And on him.

Pulling my breast up and out of my nighty, my back arching slightly, pushing it harder into my hand to squeeze it. I moan louder, my flesh more sensitive, not only due to my hands upon it, but the thoughts in my head, and the surprise web cam call. It is freaking cold this morning and my blanket's now pushed down around my hips covering just my naked legs.

I watch him squirm, his voice asking the gentlemen to repeat their questions again, while my free hand reaches for my still covered breast taking my nipple between my fingers, squeezing it hard, pulling it, stretching it. Rolling over to my side, positioning a pillow behind me to keep me from rolling back flat. My breasts now free in the cool morning air.

Beautiful. I hear him mutter. The men in his office ask him to repeat his words. I watch him cough and turn a vibrant shade of red, making some excuse that he is clearing his throat.

My fingers digging into my breasts. Pushing them together. Pulling them apart. Pushing them higher. Fingers digging in and pulling my breasts away from my body before letting them fall free, their full weight falling upon my chest, causing them to bounce and jiggle.

Hands moving lower, pulling my nighty higher. The white flesh of my hips seen sandwiched between the green of my nighty and the red of my duvet cover. Sliding my hand down across my tummy to my mound, letting my finger slip between the lips of my pussy, softly moaning, I find my clit.

Fuck yes! Spread your thighs!

My back arching, pushing my breasts higher, I do what he asks of me, for at the moment, it suits my purpose. Quickly my hand covers my visible mound from his sight, and I hear him growl softly. I watch his hands slide to his lap, shifting. His eyes narrow, his lips pressed hard together, and his eyes glued to his screen. The men in his office continue to talk, and I know he is not paying any attention to them.

Fingers parting my pussy lips, my middle finger slides along my slit, sighing at how wet my pussy is this morning. Muttering about how wet I am, how hot my pussy feels. Moaning when my fingernail catches the tip of my clit.

I hear that static along the line just before his mobile phone rings. One of his hands reaches for the phone, the other still hidden in his lap.

Moaning my displeasure at him being distracted by the telephone. Dropping my leg to the bed, my hips thrust up, letting him see my finger slide deep into me. Curling my finger within me, my eyes squeezing shut, my back arching, moaning at how it all feels. My silken wetness encasing my finger, muttering about how I wish it was his cock feeling this and not my finger.

"Excuse me gentlemen, but I must take this call. I'll call you to arrange another meeting. Thank you."

My head moves towards the screen, not only to grin and chuckle at him, but to watch him. Noticing how he didn't even stand up to shake their hands as the men left his office. I saw them lean over his desk, and I saw them in the camera. I know they saw me in my semi state of nudity, my breasts high and round, the morning rays of sunshine beginning to stream into my bedroom, coating my body, reflecting off the silky material. The silhouette of the curves of my breasts, my fingers playing deep within me, bringing them to my lips to taste, to tease him.

And the men in his office saw me. Their faces red, embarrassed. I could only just smile, as I sucked my finger clean of my nectar.

I vaguely hear the door close, and I watch him stand from behind his desk and make his way to the door. His footsteps loud on the hardwood floor of his office, they get louder as he returns to his desk.

I gasp seeing just how hard he is, the tenting of his trousers so noticeable. His bulge pushing against his zipper. I sigh at the sight of it.

"Fuck yessss!" I whisper.

His hands move to the buckle of his belt, slowly, painfully slowly, I watch as he pulls the leather through the metal holding it in place.

"Don't stop." he says under his breath,  "Keep going."

His pants drop, his cock springs forth. I lick my lips looking at it, pre-cum glistening at his tip. Shirttails parted, wrinkled on either side from being tucked in. His hand grips his cock, pumping it.

My hands slide down my body again, finding my pussy. Getting a new idea in my head, I sit up, moaning as I feel the weight of my breasts shift.  My nipples puckering, hard nubs. The sun behind me, I shift my position, pushing the table back with my foot, letting him see me better. My whole body for him to watch. My neckline of my nighty under the curves of my breasts, their hard browny pink nipples, hard and erect, pointing at him. Head back, neck extended, bringing my knees up onto the mattress, letting him see my pussy. My wetness. All of me for him to watch.

Reaching for that glass toy under my pillow, still quite cold to the touch. Bringing it to my clit, my breath catches, my heart pounds at the feel. One hand behind me, the other holding onto the hardness of the glass. "Where do you want to me to put this?" I ask him.

"I want to watch you fuck your ass."

Moving my pillows behind me, leaning back upon them, resting against them, letting my body relax, I take my lube and coat the bulbous head of the glass dildo. Cheekily grinning into the camera, moving the dildo down over my body till its head just rests at my slit. Angling it so the blue shaft of it lay over my slit, head pressed up against my ass. Pressing it against my hole, biting my lower lip, slipping it in, moving it so it slides deep.

That intense feeling of being stretched, all consuming, my tight hole stretching further for that bulbous head. I'm so tight around it, forcing it slowly deeper. Moaning, not only at the feeling of being filled, but of its coldness too.

"Faster!" he moans.

My eyes wide, my sighs loud, as I thrust it half way in. With firm pressure applied to the dildo's base, body bent forward as I watch it disappear, my ass taking it all. Watching him pump his cock, my hand thrusts that toy in and out. Plunging it deep, pulling it out, leaving the head in, before ramming it back in. Over and over again, I thrust it. My pussy spasming, wanting to be filled. Needing to be filled. Desiring his cock to fill me.

Pushing the toy in deep, bringing my hips forward, sitting on it, my eyes wide as it slides in even deeper. My knees so far apart, my hands now behind me, pushing my body harder onto it. My hips squirming, rocking over that long glass toy deep within me, grinding upon it. My nighty covering my belly, my breasts seen above it, my pussy below it.

My pussy lips part, my juices seeping from deep within me, leaking down to my rear hole. Pushing my body harder onto the toy; its head a hard reminder that it is not his throbbing cock.

He stands there, muttering "Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! Just like that! Harder! Think of my rock hard cock burying it deep in your hot wet cunt!" Pumping it, his hand blurred at his speed, the connection making his hand appear like a super hero running like the Flash. His head remaining stationary, his hand like lightning. Thinking of his hands gripping my breasts, squeezing them, my hands move to my nipples, my fingers twisting them.

Pulling them till they stretch, letting them go to fall back.

Reaching for the thick pink toy vibrator, grinning like an idiot at its thickness, at its intense vibrations. Imagining the feel of its thickness filling me, turning it up on high, feeling not only its hum in my pussy, but it vibrating as well against the dildo still in my ass.

Flipping it on, pressing its head against my clit. Jumping at the bolt of electricity spreading throughout my body beginning with my clit. My only thought...Fuck Yessss!!!! As I let it slip down, pressing its hard tip against my womanhood. My eyes close in bliss, my body spasms as my first orgasm of the day washes over me. Fireworks exploding behind my eye lids. My breath coming in short gasps, my chest heaving. My nipples so painfully hard. Hips still ramming that glass dildo hard into me.

Sweating, collapsing back against my pillows, my knees fall open, resting against the mattress. My hands just resting on my inner thighs while that pink vibrator continues too hum its own tune. My pussy spasming, juices spilling from me, my inner thighs glistening from my cum.

Head hanging back, hair sprawled every which way. Hands trembling over my tummy, gently enjoying the sensation of the silk over my sensitive skin. Up they travel, bunching the material, pulling it up and over my breasts. Whimpering, feeling the soft cool silk over my nipples. Leaning back on one elbow, grabbing that pink toy again and ramming my pussy.

Brows furrowed, eyes closed, lost to the world. My only want right now, my only need, to orgasm again. Bigger. Better than before.

Feet resting again on my mattress, pushing my hips higher, plunging that thick hard toy deep into my wetness. My hips land on the bed hard, the glass toy thrust in harder. Both toys working me, filling me. Sending me over the edge.

Over and over, that toy disappearing and reappearing. My ears filled with the sounds of hard plastic against my soft wet flesh. My scent musky, womanly, fills the room. Harder still, I drill it in. My body shaking, my hips bucking, taking my beating.

"Fuck yourself woman! Harder! Cum for me! I want you to cum all over my face, to fill your cunt with my tongue, my hands on your hips pulling you harder onto me. Cum for me!"

His voice fills my ears, that toy fills me again, humming against the glass in my ass, only that thin piece of skin keeping them apart. The feeling of being filled. Overwhelming. That feeling of being stretched beyond even my own limits. Overpowering. The feeling of how wet I am, how hot my pussy feels, my swollen flesh clamping down around the toys pounding me.

I can't take it anymore. I let my body spill over the edge. My toes digging into the mattress, my back arching, head thrown back against the pillows, my pussy convulsing the vibrator still singing against my g-spot. My cum squirts from my pussy, over my hand. Pussy clamping down hard around the toy, squeezing it. It springs forth from my body landing on the bed. My ethereal screams of "Fuck!!!", while I shake. My voice echoes over the walls, sending my voice back to me.

Hearing him grunt, I lift my head to watch his seed land on his keyboard, thick, creamy, glistening. A beautiful contrast; his creamy cum against the blackness of his keyboard. He collapses back into his chair, naked from the waist down. His hands move to loosen his tie when he realizes that his hand has cum all over it. Watching him smile at me, bringing his hand to his lips, licking his hand clean.

Attempting to pout while saying, "I want to taste!!!!"

"Stop trying to pout woman!!!", he chuckles.

My fingers reach for my pussy, toying with my wetness.  Licking my fingers clean, muttering about the taste of pomegranates.

"You interrupted my meeting."

"What can I say, share and share alike?"

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