Romantic Interlude

You're waiting for me when I come home. I can see you now, just inside the door, wearing only that corset and panties, and those delicious gothic heels. I want to fuck you, my hard on has been raging and waiting all day just to devour your delectable pussy, and my ears have been waiting to hear those words.

"I love you," you say as I step in, and you pull my lips to yours while you grasp the back of my head. Oh, you knew just what to say, you amazing woman. You beautiful, perfect, sexy bear. God I love you. Now fuck me.

No, you won't. You're teasing me, that's what you're doing. Teasing me with those huge bouncy tits, that firm sexy ass, and that wet dripping cunt you've been making me crave all day by sending me sexy emails about what you've been planning to do to me. Oh, I'm ready. Oh, yes, definitely. God, I want to fuck you.

You lead me through our master bedroom to the large bathroom inside, and straight to our jacuzzi bathtub. The tub is full of warm steamy water, the mirrors around are fogged up. There is a ducky on the side of the tub, and candles flood the bathroom, all over the sink, and all over the sides of the jacuzzi. It looks wonderful, and cleverly and romantically decorated. I know what you're doing now. You're living out your most beloved fantasy on me.

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You ask me to undo your corset, so I try to tease you as I slowly take it off. I throw it to the ground and begin to ease your panties down, kissing all over the back of your beautiful body. You are so hot.

My shirt is off, like you asked, and you undo my pants. But you don't like sucking cock, darn it. I won't make you, not ever. Down go my boxers, and now that you've stripped me naked, you lead me to the romantic bubble bath that you've prepared while I was at work. You took the day off just for this? You're so sweet.

You grab the bubble bath and begin to wash me, and gently scrub my back in circles, caressing me, while kissing my shoulders. I close my eyes in ecstasy. What a goddess you are. I can't help but tilt my head back as you massage me, teasing my entire body with your touch. My heart is tangled in your spider web, and it feels wonderful to be yours.

Thirty minutes has passed, and you've made today the best day of my life. We haven't even had sex yet, and here you are, making my life the best there ever was to live. I love you.

Your hand travels around to my patiently waiting member, and awaken him by rubbing his head. As you touch, he rises, and I enjoy every second that goes by. You lead me, both of us soaking wet, out of the warm bath water, and into the bedroom, grabbing lubricant and a condom in your wake.

We crawl onto the bed, silent as we have been, and you straddle me. Making love to you has never come to me in such a beautiful way. Fucking you is the most passionate and amazing thing in the world. How could I ever ask for anything more? You are my goddess.

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