Essin' Em Essin' Em
We've gotten a lot of awesome new companies' movies in lately, so I thought (you know, since I watch a lot of porn, and used to work for a porn company), that I'd put in a few suggestions.

Comstock: Straight, Gay and Lesbian. Couple and newbie friendly. Real couples. Feminist. "Sexumentaries."

Erockta Vision: Lesbian. Femme on Femme. No spoken words, all rock music. Very edgey.

Trannywood Pictures: Transmen and bio boys. Gay. Sex positive, ethical, safer sex. Awesome!

Jamye Waxman's Exploring the O, Monogamy without Monotony, and Toying with Pleasure: Great educational videos, lots of fun, real people (and some real couples). Jamye is freaking amazing!

Candida Royalle's Femme Productions: Porn by a woman, for women and couples. My fav two are Afrodite Superstar and Under the Covers. Plot heavy, couple and newbie friendly.

As always, any of Nina Hartley's stuff is great too.

Just a few ideas to get you started
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DonPedro DonPedro
Hi, Essin' Em, what you have written in here are great guides but I reckon it's too general.
Could you advise me some movies with straight couples where girls are doing the boys with a strap-on or any kind of anal toys?

I have read that in "Chemistry - 2" there's such a scene, could advise me something else besides this one? By the way, is there any alike scenes in "Chemistry"?
TimLord TimLord
Essin' you're adorable, just like always.
You made a good job, one very efficient and easy-to-use classification. So my search now will be much more easier.

PS: I think I'm going to start with Trannywood Pictures.
Regina Evans Regina Evans
I wonder how come such an useful thread is lying on the bottom of the forum, covered with a thick layer of web dust, with so few comments on it.
People you should be more grateful, cause what Essin did, in our state is called HELP.
Now, as Tim said, you're not going to waste you time reading every movie description and checking every back cover, from now on you know the route, so to say.

Essin great work.
Shaft Shaft
Any company specialized on interracial sex? Asians, Latinas, Ebony girls?
Also looking for some good light BDSM or/and female domination movies.

Thanks a bunch.
Mamastoys Mamastoys
Thanks for the info Essin. Being new to porn and excited to watch more, you're suggestions have been a big help!
M121212 M121212
Thanks for the recommendations!
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