Is watching camming different than watching porn?

Is watching camming different than watching porn?

rom323 rom323
My wife and I are in a disagreement and need everyone's help.

Is watching a girl perform on cam different than watching porn.

Male POV: I don't think it is any different than buying porn dvd and watching it. Granted on the cam, the girl can be instructed to perform specific things, but how is this different than finding the perfect dvd.

Female POV: she thinks is voyuerism and since there is communication between the watcher (me) and the actress that is not same as porn.

My wife and I watch porn all the time. She loves hardcore, BDSM porn everytime we have sex. So this is not a question of whether porn is right or wrong, but is watching a performance on the cam - more like cheating?
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underHim underHim
I think if it is a live webcam and you are interacting with the other person it is too personal
Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
In my opinion cheating is in the eyes of the cheater and the cheated. Different people will have different boundaries: some might be more bothered by the physical aspects some by the emotional ones.

My guess is that participating in camming sessions is more emotionally investing, especially if it was one-on-one, then watching a pre-recorded, scripted performance. On the other hand, some people invest a lot of feelings and time in their favorite (not necessarily porn) stars. So me watching Inception could be compared to somebody visiting a cam site.
Nazaress Nazaress
In my opinion, it is basically cheating. There is more emotional investment in it than watching a pre-recorded video. If you (general you) want someone to perform "specific actions", then have your significant other do them. Otherwise, watch porn and be happy with it.

Everyone's definition of cheating is different and everyone is comfortable with different things. If you're (again, general you) in a committed relationship, you should do what makes your significant other comfortable and be happy with that. If it's not an unreasonable request on their part and you still can't be happy with that, then maybe you're not meant to be with them.
mistressg mistressg
I would consider this cheating. If I was involved in camming I would tell my partner, and if my partner was into watching camgirls then I would want to know.
Ansley Ansley
I don't consider it cheating as long as both people are in agreement, but if one party disapproves then it could definitely cross that line. In my relationship it isn't because we both agree that it's fun and better than wasting $60 on crappy porn.
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