How did you celebrate your 21st (or other favorite) birthday?

How did you celebrate your 21st (or other favorite) birthday?

K101 K101
Just curious how y'all spent your 21st B-day? Did you do something epic or did you go to a bar? I'm turning 22 today! *SNIFF!* I'm so not done being 21! I didn't really have a huge epic 21st, but it was still pretty great. Most people go get wasted on their 21st, but not me! I've long been done drinking, but would have one drink every once in a blue moon. I actually don't think I drank anything alcoholic since I turned 21 now that I think about it! I did when I was younger though.

Anyways, was there any particular birthday (21 or not) that you done something huge or really great to celebrate for?

My twin and I have our 22nd birthday today, but my mom and partner started my B-day a day early. They made me play the B-day game where my partner hides a gift he got me and makes me run around like a fool looking for it! Lol. He tells me when I'm getting "hot or cold." This year though, I had to do it while holding Hubert (my hamster!) It's kinda cheesy, but it did make things complicated. Turned out he had it hidden deep in a drawer.

I'm really not sure what my crazy lovie, kid and parents have planned, but they're keeping it secret! I know they'll take me & my twin to eat somewhere though. Usually my favorite birthdays are when I'm with ALL my family and we get a little wild. I know that sounds so... grandma! LOL. But that's just what I like. Our 12 year old says he's getting me a zebra print jet with glitter pink interior! Ha. He has one hell of an imagination! Now if only he actually comes through! *Fingers crossed!* Lol

So are your birthday preferences as lame as mine? Ha. Ha. What were your favorite B-days?
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I had a completely bizarre night culminating in drunk ghost-hunting for my 21st. O.o
MeliPixie MeliPixie
I had a glass of the wine that I had been fermenting over the past six months or so. It wasn't delicious or anything, but it was tasty. Now I just buy my wine though.

Happy birthday to you two!
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Happy birthday, Kendra.

My 21st was spent driving to and from Key West with my dad, uncle, and one of my friends - turned out Hemmingway Days was going on at the same time, so all I got was a bunch of old beard guys when I got there. Also got mild heatstroke. And completely ignored by a saleswear clerk because I was too fat. And a UTI a day later.

Mine sucked. >_<
blacklodge blacklodge
Happy Birthday!

I did nothing for my 21st. My own mother forgot about my birthday. No cake, no alcohol, nothing. I sat on my butt all day and watched basic cable.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I'll be in Europe for my 21st birthday.
TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
My 21st was AWESOME. My boyfriend decorated the apartment with little mermaid/princess stuff (my favorite princess and he calls me his 'princess'). It was super thoughtful and totally caught me by surprise. Then I had a big group (20 or so) of people over to my house around 9. We left for the bar at midnight so I could ring in the birthday with a drink. I got fucking hammered and made out with a bunch of dudes. it was fucking fabulous.
Ghost Ghost
I went to Las Vegas with my grandmother and took her to some all-male strip shows.
Ms. N Ms. N
I can't even remember my 21st birthday I have had a variety of birthday celebrations, from family get-togethers, to surprise parties, to dinners with friends, but I really don't like that much attention focused on me, so my favorite birthday was last year - I took off on vacation and spent my birthday evening with a good dinner and a concert - no big hurrahs.
Jul!a Jul!a
My 21st the actual temperature was somewhere near -15 or something ridiculously cold like that, and there was a wind chill. I went to the gay bar with my friends and watched well exercised men take off their clothes on stripper night and dance around in their underwear. My friends all wanted me to get absolutely shitfaced wasted and stay out all night, and considering that I had been out snowplowing with my husband (before we got back together) the night before I was ready for bed around midnight but still stayed out til about 4 when another friend pitied me enough to give me a ride home from Denny's. I still had fun though.
js250 js250
I do not remember my 21st birthday, but my favorite birthday was a year and a half ago, 40! It was taken away from me in the car wreck, but somehow it got it back (my guardian angels were working overtime!) husband and daughter made a week of it. It will always be my most treasured birthday.
married with children married with children
had some beers bought for me
Zombirella Zombirella
In a way that should have ended with me in the hospital and hung over the next day. I'm not a big drinker, never have been. I never drank in high school like my friends did. I had my first beer at 18, hated the taste, chugged it and never picked up another since lol, yuck
Since I never was a partier I decided what the hell and got drunk. I first went out with my mom (yes I'm that cool) and my aunts. I had more than a few drinks, fell out of the booth at one bar making an ass of myself. Then one of my friends that I DD for all the time was mine and we went bar hopping meeting up with other friends. My mom told her only to let me have a couple more and that is it. Well I had wayyyyy more than 2. I wanted to have 21 drinks and I did, mixed and shots. I was drunk but not shitfaced and I remember almost everything from that night. I knew what I was doing but I just didn't care! I danced by myself, I acted stupid and loud, I tipped backward in off my barstool, got a pic of that. I had on my 21 & ready for fun shirt with a shot glass necklace and a tiara with a glittery pink 21 and a sash that said birthday bitch, lol. We drove around and I sang out the window and yelled random vulgarities to pedestrians. I had old men buying me drinks. Then I got the idea to go see my bf at the time at his job in Wal-Mart. I busted in the break room at 3am yelling for him and I never talk about bodily habits but my friend said I said aloud in front of everyone in there "Hey, guess what I did? I took a shit at The Barn ( local bar) hahaha can you believe I did that". She said he told her to get me the hell out and he was yelling at me because I embarrassed him and then I got emotional and cried all the way home to where she made sure I was in the house then left so my mom wouldn't kill her.
I remember trying to crawl into bed with my mom then her telling me to go to my room and I laid on the wood floor and passed out until I woke up and got in bed.
The next day I didn't throw up or have a headache but I spent the day on the toilet =/
I have NEVER been that drunk again and I don't have plans to. Now I know how ignorant it was of me to drink that much even if it was throughout the entire day from 4pm to whenever I went home. I'm just glad I didn't get alcohol poisoning.

The only other time I got remotely close to being that drunk was my 23rd birthday where I threw cupcakes in this assholes face that tried to play me, danced on the dance floor in a half empty bar alone (I can't dance mind you), it was 'that time of the month' and I had to have help standing to tend to things lol, then at a 24 hour restaurant I spilled a pitcher of ice water all down my dress. I met my fiance a month later and my bar/drinking days were over. I still have one here or there but that is about it. I like to watch everyone else be fools!
AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
The first thing I did on my 21st was go to a grocery store and buy some beer, legally. But, the cashier was someone in one of my classes at university so she never bothered to card me.

Later that night I had a keg party with some friends, though not as many showed up as anticipated and we drank on the keg all weekend to finish it off.
Carolinagirl08 Carolinagirl08
My 21st birthday did not go so well. The afternoon and night before my 21st birthday my hometown was hit by tornados. Luckily my parents house was not hit. Im thankful for that. My boyfriend came to my house after he got off work that morning and I spent most of my birthday looking at the devistation of what use to be peoples homes. Our state was in a state of emergency so I could not buy alcohol. My parents made me a birthday lunch. That night me and my boyfriend went back to our house. That was pretty much it for my 21st birthday. That was definately my most memorable birthday.

Im thinkful that family was not harmed, however almost a year later they are still rebuilding homes and cleaning up debris from the tornados.
Intrepid Niddering Intrepid Niddering
Ha. I went out to eat with my parents and sisters and then the next night, my dad and I went out to see The Old 97's (the tickets were my birthday gift).
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