#BuildaBetterEden - Community Planning: Meeting summaries for 2010

#BuildaBetterEden - Community Planning: Meeting summaries for 2010

Jul!a Jul!a
Hello everybody! Here's a handy dandy list of my notes from all of the Community Planning Meetings from 2010 for you to reference as needed!
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Jul!a Jul!a
Meeting 1: 9/16/2010 - Talked about the upcoming Halloween contest.

- Talked about the Halloween contest, although that’s done and over with, I think similar contests (if at all possible) might be neat and since we have the outline from the Halloween contest, there’s something to work off of and tweak if necessary.
Jul!a Jul!a
Meeting 2: 9/30/2010 - We talked about community games and contests. Things that could be played out on the forums.

- Talked about more community games and such: live quizzes or something like that, photo hunts, etc

- Viktor suggest member contests, his example being: "Eden Fantasys Sports Jersey/Sweater Contest" Where he challenges the community to come up with designs for a sports jersey for Eden.

- Viktor also suggest something like a monthly question thing, one where you get multiple choices, and you have to get the right answer to get the points. But the question should deal with Safety. This promotes safety, and gets people to research safety. Maybe for points, maybe for fun

- A contest where we play “guess the whatever”, jar filled with something, we guess, winner gets contents of jar or one of whatever it was filled with.

- brought up contributor of the month

- Viktor mentioned a community art center of sorts. Something where all the members of the community who are artistically inclined can post up their works. Sam brought up maybe having a language and arts section where we could include the art portion with the writing portion.
Jul!a Jul!a
Meeting 3: 10/14/10 - Summary: Discussed Contributor of the Month, and a props/shoutout type program.

- Alicia suggested a “20 questions” type game

- Worked on the contributor of the month thing more

- Lauren, Alicia, and Sam (aka Jul!a) talked about trying to coordinate and run a ‘prop’ thing, where if one contributor wanted to give “props” to another (something as simple as a picture taken with a shout out to another person) they could take a picture, email it to one of us running it, and we could coordinate all the entries and post them monthly. Submitters would remain anonymous.
Jul!a Jul!a
Meeting 4: 10/25/10 - Summary: Talked about The Community Gives Back (now Eden Gives Back).

- Talked about The Community Gives Back
Jul!a Jul!a
Meeting 5: 11/04/10 - We talked about contributor workshops and joint workshops between contributors, as well as a non erotic book club.

- Started talking about community workshops: also possibly joint workshops between contributors

- A suggestion for the possibility of a more “vanilla” branch off of the book club, where we could also get together to discuss non-erotica books

- First mention of erotica writing club

- Kindred suggests a possible big brother/big sister type community program

- First mention of a toy recycling program by Sir
Jul!a Jul!a
Meeting 6: 11/18/10 - We discussed the Community Blog Directory, a possible lingerie exchange program, a sex toy recycling contest, Birthday Club, and the upcoming holiday party.

- Lauren brought up a possible lingerie exchange program, she was also messaging with Jesibel about it. Things that can't be returned, too small, too big etc. Pretty much anything but panties.

- She also suggested a sex toy recycling contest: best way to upcycle a toy that can’t get recycled through the sanitation system

- Community Blog Directory was brought up – Love Buzz also suggests having something like an EF blogring

- Birthday Club was brought up

- ToyGeek asks about sex toy trivia contests

- Brought up the holiday party
Jul!a Jul!a
Meeting 7: 12/02/10 - Talked about doing charity programs year round, EF branded merchandise, and combining a potential toy recycling contest with petitioning companies to start adding the necessary logos for recycling.

- Victoria brings up the year round charities

- Lauren mentions combining her toy recycling contest with petitioning companies to start adding the necessary logos for recycling

- Lots of merchandise talk
Jul!a Jul!a
Meeting 8: 12/16/10 - Discussed the possibility of a newsletter about the meeting, blogrings, and opening up Contributor of the Month nominations to everybody.

- Brought up Community Events Committee newsletter

- Opening up Contributor of the Month nominationss to everybody, not just Community Events Committee members

- Blogring brought up again
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