#COTM - Contributor of the Month: February 2011 (nominations)

#COTM - Contributor of the Month: February 2011 (nominations)

Gary Gary
Welcome to out third Contributor of the Month selection process!

For those of you who have not been following the bi-weekly Community Events Committee meetings, the community has decided to select a Contributor of the Month - each month. Members of the committee (which is open to everyone) will nominate anyone that they feel deserves to be Contributor of the Month. The community will then vote on all of the nominations to decide the Contributor of the Month.

Congratulations again to January's Contributor of the Month Selective Sensualist!

Yes this is a contest of sorts, but even more than that, it is also a fun way for the community to highlight and give credit to various members of the community for exceptional behavior.


How it works:
If you have attended at least ONE out of the last THREE Community Events Committee Meeting, then you are eligible to make a nomination for Contributor of the Month. Just send me an email at Gary@EdenFanta sys.com with your nomination.

(Be sure to include the following when emailing me your nomination)

Subject line: Contributor of the Month Nomination

Contributor Screen Name: (we have to know who is being nominated)

Brief Description: (include a sentence or two about why the contributor is being nominated)

* any one named Contributor of the Month, will not be eligible to be nominated again for 12 months

Please make your nominations from Tuesday February 08th through Monday February 14th. I will post the poll for the community to vote on, on Tuesday February 15th.
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Jobthingy Jobthingy
Oh I will have to send an email
Darling Jen Darling Jen
Congrats, SS! You fabulous woman, you! You're so incredibly sweet and generous!
Gary Gary
I got a few good nominations already! Please keep them coming!
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