#COTM - Contributor of the Month: September 2012 (nominations)

#COTM - Contributor of the Month: September 2012 (nominations)

Ansley Ansley

Welcome to our 22nd Contributor of the Month selection process!

Anyone can nominate anyone that they feel deserves to be Contributor of the Month. The community will then vote on all of the nominations to decide the Contributor of the Month.

Yes this is a contest of sorts, but even more than that, it is also a fun way for the community to highlight and give credit to various members of the community for exceptional behavior.

How it works:

If you are a member of the community, then you are eligible to make a nomination for Contributor of the Month. Just send an email to Stormy@edenfantasys.co m with your nomination.

Be sure to include the following when emailing your nomination.

Subject line: Contributor of the Month Nomination

Contributor Screen Name: We have to know who is being nominated.

Brief Description: Include a sentence or five about why the contributor is being nominated.

* Anyone named Contributor of the Month, will not be eligible to be nominated again for 12 months.

Previous winners:
Aug 2012 - js250
Jul 2012 - sktb0007
Jun 2012 - unfulfilled
May 2012 - ToyTimeTim
Apr 2012 - Sam (aka Jul!a)
Mar 2012 - Cookie Monster Mike
Feb 2012 - Hot 'N Sexy Texas Mama
Jan 2012 - - Kira -
Dec 2011 - ~LaUr3n~
Nov 2011 - beck
Oct 2011 - Antipova
Sep 2011 - Miss Debauchery
Aug 2011 - sexyintexas
Jul 2011 - Alan & Michele
Jun 2011 - Airen Wolf
May 2011 - TacoODoom
Apr 2011 - Kindred
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unfulfilled unfulfilled
Congrats again js250!
Beck Beck
Congrats again Js250. I'll be sending in my nomination in the morning.
Zombirella Zombirella
Good job JS!
AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
Great job Js250. Just submitted my nomination for the month.
Beck Beck
I sent in two nominations.
Risque Risque
So many great contributors not sure how I will decide who to nominate! Good luck to all
Kitka Kitka
Congrats js250! I'll be sending in my nomination soon
edeneve edeneve
congrats js250 - you more than deserve the honor!!!
ttoddrum ttoddrum
congrats to all the winners.. how do you nominate some one ?
soccer soccer
sweetiejo sweetiejo
congrats to all!
Karmababe Karmababe
General Iroh General Iroh
congrats you deserve it!
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