Check out our Club Blog Symposium---"Make it at home!"

Check out our Club Blog Symposium---"Make it at home!"

Antipova Antipova
Hey everyone---

I don't know how many of you know we've got a club blog, but there are a lot of interesting, useful, and fun new recipes going up there.

Right now, for until people get sick of it, we're having a "Make it at home" symposium. If you've ever bought a bottle of mayonnaise and thought it just seemed too expensive, or if you wished creme fraiche was actually available in the US... or maybe you don't like all the preservatives and unknown stabilizers in the bottled salad dressing that Kraft sells, or maybe you or someone you're cooking for has a food allergy...

Why not make it at home?

Usually you'll spend pennies on the dollar to get something that is now even more delicious (because you made it with LOVE), and personalized. Plus, it can be a whole lot of fun!

So check out the articles we've got up right now:

Kkay has her hot sauce recipe, a mustard recipe (have you ever thought about adding lavender? She has lots of ideas to get creative once you've got the basics down.) , and an ever-so-exciting (and easy!) recipe for Crème fraîche. Peggi's got two recipes up as well, one for her mustard recipe, and another for Italian Dressing! I have one up too, for homemade mayonnaise.

So get cooking---make some condiments your signature sides just in time to show off for the family. If you want to contribute too, send me a message and let me know what you'd like to submit a recipe for! The more people contributing, the more we all learn
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Jul!a Jul!a
It's so awesome to have all of those in one place, thanks for sharing it!
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