Guy Fieri's Black Bean Salad!

Guy Fieri's Black Bean Salad!

Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Has anyone tried this one yet? Here is the link.

This is one tasty recipe however I must confess when I made this, I didn't have some of the ingredients and didn't feel some were needed. Here's what I did when I made mine and I LOVED IT!!!!!

*Rather than Roma Tomatoes I used just regular ones, they were cheaper. This recipe is already sweet as it is.

*Rather than red bell peppers, I used green, I have tried all colors cooked in many different ways and still have not tasted ANY difference between them. Green are cheaper and taste great, the red might just be for visual.

*Rather than using red and green onions, I used yellow onions, cheaper, and also red onions are very potent in comparison.

*I used crushed pineapple in a can rather than fresh, pineapple is expensive and I can't afford expensive recipes.

*I would have loved to use fresh cilantro, but holy crap people around here where I live must eat it 24/7 because there is never any left in the grocery store. So I had to use this stuff in a tube, almost like a cilantro paste, but it was all organic and natural cilantro. Tasted great regardless.

*Did not add Jalapeno's, I really don't enjoy spicy salsa, especially with this one.

*I didn't have sherry vinegar, so I used red wine vinegar, yum just as good if not better.

*I added some lemon juice to go along with the lime juice.

*Used very little salt.

*Decided not to go with cumin, added it in the first 2 times I made this and I found it did nothing to enhance the dish.

I recommend trying this recipe but changing it to your liking. This is what I did and it has become the most awesomeness tasting salsa EVER. I have literally tried hundreds of salsa's in my life and this one has topped them all. It is especially nice to eat on a warm or hot summers day when the salad is chilled
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Rossie Rossie
Your version of the recipe seems delicious, but you've pretty much changed it from Guy's.

*Red bell pepper is sweeter than green.
*Green onion and fresh cilantro have their own unique flavor in salsa dishes.
*Fresh pineapple tastes tangier and has more texture than the mushy and sweet canned ones.
*Cumin brings out the flare in this Mexican salsa.

Just my thoughts!
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Originally posted by Rossie
Your version of the recipe seems delicious, but you've pretty much changed it from Guy's.

*Red bell pepper is sweeter than green.
*Green onion and fresh cilantro have their own unique flavor in salsa dishes.
*Fresh pineapple ...
Yup I realize my version pretty much takes the original and changes it to a more simplified version for the average person. But I did it more on the fact of what I had on hand and could get a hold of. I really don't get why people around where I live are so crazy for fresh cilantro, but like it said it's generally never on the shelf when I go grocery shopping. The stuff I sub'd for actually is almost identical tasting to fresh cilantro since I've had it many times to compare too.

Mainly I posted this discussion to see if anyone had tried this recipe in its original form. That way I could see if I was missing out on anything. I had tried the cumin originally, but I think because of the other changes I made it wasn't a good addition. My version seems to me at least, a more balanced version that isn't spicy or too sweet/overpowering.

Eventually I will probably try this recipe exactly how he has it and see how it tastes. I don't mind watching his show on Food Network, I remember years ago watching---I think it was called "The Next Food Network Star" or something where he won that competition. Have you got any salsa/black bean salads you enjoy personally?

EDIT: Forgot to add in that I do love fresh pineapple, but again the changes I made to the recipe were to be cost effective at the time etc.
Ansley Ansley
There isn't much of a difference between green, red and yellow peppers when they are raw, but when cooked they have vastly different characteristics.

I mostly ignore Guy's recipes because there is always a ton of cilantro in them and it tastes like soap to me. (Then again, we're starting to think I'm in line with the super-tasters out there. What tastes and smells one way to me, is completely the opposite of what someone else experiences.)

Anyway, I have a recipe for a black bean salsa.

- 1 Bottle of Kraft Italian Dressing, leaded.
- 1 Medium diced onion
- 1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed
- 1 can of petite diced tomatoes, drained
- 1 can of sweet yellow corn

Mix with entire bottle of dressing, let sit overnight and munch with pita chips or tortilla chips. The fresh version of this is to die for but has less of a shelf life once prepared and you have to be careful because the acid in the dressing starts to break down the tomatoes.
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