shopping at the supermarket

shopping at the supermarket

married with children married with children
when you go shopping for food, what % of your cart is fresh, raw products? As in not cooked or processed then packaged for consumers.

I would have to say, mine would be about 75%. Sometimes higher, then sometimes a lot lower. Depending one what I have going on for work.
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catgirl9 catgirl9
Hmmm 50-75%, but it depends a lot on what we are making that week. We typically buy a lot of stuff on Sundays (meats, canned items like tomatoes and such, cereal, bread, lunch items, oils, etc) and then I run back to the store during the week for the perishables. Farmer's market day is Thursday so we'll pick up at least some things from there. We always have things like cereals, breads, etc though.

Summers are different than winter, too...less access to fresh fruit and veggies in the winter. With the kid at home during the summer, we often have more crap in the house. Not like junk food, but packaged stuff; we try to buy the least processed packaged foods available. Lots of ingredient listing reading and comparing. If he's going to eat a granola bar, it's going to be a healthier and less processed one. He's never even had a Twinkie, lol.
Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
When I have money, about 90%.

When I don't, at least 50.
Starkiller87 Starkiller87
Almost all of it always. We dont make frozen meals or anything like that, I cook dinner every night. Luckily the 99 cent store has fresh produce. So we eat asparagus A LOT!

Im making home made chicken soup tonight for example. It takes 4 hours but not eating food with all that other bs in it is worth it.
Rossie Rossie
Probably about 80% are fresh products. All my meats are raw and unprocessed, except for bacon and Zenner's sausages. I buy canned tomatoes and frozen spinach, all other vegetables are bought fresh. I do buy frozen meals for lunch sometimes, mostly Safeway Select and Marie Callender's. I know they're not healthy, but I only eat them when there's no leftover from dinner the night before.
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