What cooking sites do you use for inspiration/recipes?

What cooking sites do you use for inspiration/recipes?

SilverIsis SilverIsis
I always like looking at recipe and foodie sites to get ideas, particularly when I have a particular event coming up or an ingredient I want to play with. Is this something you do and if so, where d you go?
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Miss Morphine
Miss Morphine
I prefer to search my own cookbook collection ( please feel free to reccomend titles)
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the infamous other
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carenautilus carenautilus
I really adore Epicurious. It's very well organized and has tons of amazing recipes and articles.
Kkay Kkay
Allrecipes is a good one. More and more lately, though, I find myself on Chow. I get good ideas for things to incorporate into my recipes and tips on technique there, which is more what I'm interested in.

Smittenkitchen.com is another good one. The flourless chocolate cake is heaven.
chenault chenault
I love Epicurious for its interactive map of in-season fruits and vegetables and its amazing advanced recipe search. If I want to make something special on the stovetop, that's my first stop. (I'm always careful to check that the recipe is marked "quick and easy", though -- these recipes come from Gourmet, Bon Appetit, etc., so they tend to assume you have time to spend all day in the kitchen.)

Its only failings are that it has very few slow cooker recipes and it can be a little tricky to search for recipes with a specific key ingredient. If I'm planning family meals based on what's on sale at the supermarket this week, I tend to search for "vegetarian slow cooker recipe" + the specific ingredient on Google and rely on the comments/ratings to decide which one I want to make. There are so many fantastic cooking blogs out there with recipes I'd hate to miss, and Google indexes many, if not all, of them.
smartbabi92 smartbabi92
i love allrecipes but i also just use plain old google and get whatever site pops up which is usually allrecipes or epicurious so either work with me :]
Cherrylane Cherrylane
My Splendid Table cookbook is an ALL TIME favorite. It's marvelous. I probably have every other page marked as something I need to try. It's well written, the recipes so far have been delightful and straight forward. HIGHLY recommended lol.

As for websites, I'm a huge dessert person. Lately I've been spending a bit more time on seriouseats.com, a blog for mostly non-pretentious foodies, if that's possible.

And as for a single person who's been a major dessert recipe and decoration inspiration, I like sweetpolita quite a lot!
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
I go to food.com when looking for a specific recipe.
mpfm mpfm
Allrecipes has been my goto for good recipes for a long, long time.
badk1tty badk1tty
Epicurious, chow, and allrecipes. I also will consult the weightwatchers site occasionally.
Beck Beck
All recipes is awesome.
LilMissSub LilMissSub
All recipes and other. Other being if I go out to eat or I try other people's cooking and like it I ask for the recipe. You'd be surprised how many restaurants are willing to tell you their recipes.

Also a good sum of my recipes are family hand me downs.
geliebt geliebt
Tastespotting is awesome for me! I'm super visual, and if a recipe doesn't have a picture I usually don't get excited about it. Searching recipes by picture is perfect for me
Miss Morphine Miss Morphine
Originally posted by carenautilus
I really adore Epicurious. It's very well organized and has tons of amazing recipes and articles.
It also has a lot of useful tools
Iron Man Iron Man
I actually check out tumblr blogs for good recipes. They're usually theme-specific ( low cal, mexican, chinese, etc ) and high-quality.
hillys hillys
I usually just google what I'm looking for but it seems that allrecipies has most of it.
Supercook.com is pretty awesome! You can add ingredients you have and it asks if you have others, then tells you what things you can make with what you already have.
funluvinmama funluvinmama

This site has all kinds of neat stuff. I love it because it has adult friendly liquor recipes and cocktail drink recipes. You could make a full dinner, desert and party from this one site. It also has recipes for stuff that are not edible, like candles and beauty products.
Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
cooks.com or recipezarr.com is what i use.
humblepie humblepie
I love foodtv because they have Alton Brown's recipes, among some other chefs I know and love. Other than that, Epicurious is good, I've had mixed experiences with Allrecipes, and for something I'm not familiar with I check out Howcast for a video.
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