Custom Squirting /Wearable Strapon Dildos

AngryNipples AngryNipples
Squirting Dildos are quickly rising in popularity, the demand is there the problem is variety, form and function. You don't get a lot of attractive choices. It's either too short, too thick and the squirting feature is nothing to write home about.
In the late 90's I had idea for one making one, but it wasn't until around 2004 that the right materials became available, plus the tools to start building them. The entry level to make what I had in mind was around $1200.
I wanted a wearable leather harness style dildo that was custom to my taste and the squirting feature was basically endless. When I say "custom" as long as it's a round dildo, you decide the length, the thickness, where the bumps and the general shape. What I ended coming up with includes a suction cup. So when you not wearing the cock in a leather harness, you can stick the squirting dildo to the smooth tiled wall in your bath shower. Other ideas sorta evolved from the original concept, and I ended up in a video with with a Mistress Dom who was wearing one of my custom toys, for a marvelous punish scene. During the video you see her slip on a common backpack item called a "Mule". Which hickers use for carrying water. With her wearing the custom cock (I made specifically to her wishes) a short hose from the bottom of the backpack was located between her legs and connected directly to the custom dildo in her leather harness. In a nutshell what matters most is a quality product that is versatile. I also built a custom fucking machine, that adapted easily to my custom designed dildos. That kind of versatility hasn't shown up yet in the market place, at least not on a level like the ones I offer.
I'll include a photo from Flickr to give everyone an example. If your a member of Fetlife, a complete photo album of my creations exist there, including the video. It created quiet a buzz and request started coming in. I got swamped. One shipped as far away as the U.K. At Fetlife my ID is AngryNipples.

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