Will you be casting a vote in next year's "mid term" elections?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
When no Presidential contest is at stake, many less voters turn out. How about you?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Yes. I will be voting.
No. I will not be casting a vote then.
Total votes: 4 (4 voters)
Poll is closed
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Contributor: Ansley Ansley
I don't vote because there's never a "none of the above" option. I think write-ins are a joke and an insult to the nation itself (I specifically mean the silly stuff like "Garfield the Cat" or "Superman") and I don't believe a word that comes out of any career politician's mouth. I think terms should be shorter with far less pay and perks and that these people should still have to maintain a business in day-to-day operations under the same laws that corporations of their size are subject to...I can't fit all of that on a ballot and I would sincerely rather not vote than to vote, be completely and utterly wrong and be partially held responsible (in my own mind) about how it went down.

However, I am registered to vote (I'm also an organ donor) and you better believe that the first vote that came up to fire every one of their asses on a legitimate and large scale with major changes to their "checks and balances" I'll be down there with bells on humming "Hail to the Chief".

I don't agree that what I have to say matters. I don't think the government has any interest in my best interest -- they have proven this by the way they've handle my healthcare issues while I was barely sitting above the poverty line, the way they've handled the funds we have given them in the form of tax after tax after tax and many taxes which are essentially the same tax with a different name...I'm sick of it.

I have yet to hear a politician's speech and fully believed what he had to say. It's all specifically spun to win the election and there are very few people who aren't consumed by greed once things are plentiful. I could go on and on and on and on but I'm sure I've made myself to look insane at this point. Just passionate, confused, and desperately trying to figure out where it goes wrong first, but every time I feel like I've got one part of the trail figured out, the bottom falls out and I'm back at square one.