Share your favorite VEGAN recipes!

Share your favorite VEGAN recipes!

Misfit Momma Misfit Momma
I've started eating a mostly vegan diet for weight loss and health reasons, and would love to see some of your favorite recipes! If your recipe is RAW, even better, but cooked is fine too.

Here's one of mine - found on and will be the subject of an upcoming review on my blog. Very sweet, would be great for a desert or a snack! I told the kids they are cookies, and they have been one of few things that the kids will gobble up so far.

Coconut Treat Balls

1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1 cup pitted dates
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon allspice (or other spices as desired)
2 tablespoons fruit spread of choice

or for variations:

cocoa powder (I would suggest carob powder as a healthier alternative)
chocolate chips (again, carob chips would be healthier)

In food processor, use chopping blade to blend coconut, dates, coconut oil and spices, until dates are finely chopped in mixture.

If using nuts you can add these now to the food processor and may not need to add any fruit spread to bind balls.

If you are not using nuts put the mixture or part (if you want to make different flavors) of the mixture in a bowl. Mix in any extra ingredients you like at this point.

Add fruit spread (if needed) and mix. The mixture should be slightly sticky when you touch it but not wet. (Once you refrigerate the balls they are not sticky to touch.)

Form the mixture into balls about the size of a walnut and put on a plate, refrigerate and enjoy.
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M121212 M121212
Fresh picked greens & herbs from my garden with whatever other vegetables I have on hand (summer squash, cucumber, tomato, etc.). Also any nuts and seeds I'm interested in eating that day.

Dressing made with one of the following:

-shoyu soy sauce
-fresh squeezed lemon
-balsamic vinegar
-berry infused vinegar of some kind

and one of the following:

-olive oil
-sesame oil
-some other kind of exciting oil

and salt and pepper to taste. Maybe a dash of cayenne. Yum!
SassySam SassySam
i like stuffed peppers. it's a very versatile recipe. basically take 2 sweet peppers, cut in half, use a brush and paint on olive oil or your favourite vinaigrette. put in the oven for 10 minutes, until slightly crispy than take out and fill with stuffing and cook again for 15 min.

you can put almost anything in the stuffing, depending on taste, my favorites are,

chickpeas, tomatoes, grated carrot, soy cheese, lemon, spinach, salsa, garlic, tofu . . . basically anything you like.
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