#EdenLit - (09.2012) - Story Start- Zorro

#EdenLit - (09.2012) - Story Start- Zorro

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Story Start by AHubbyof2SexualMinds

This Summer was one of the hottest on record and it was only just beginning to cool off as Halloween rolled around. The entire town was in a festive mood and the haunted houses seemed extra spooky in the cool evening air. Parties were springing up all over town for at least two weeks before October 31! Tonight, however, was the big night and this party was going to be the best ever.

I had invited all the right people and my naked skin felt cool and comfortable beneath my skimpy maid costume. The party would be held out in the backyard lit by a giant bonfire. Hell, even the Pagans were planning on attending!

As I was walking out and admiring the beautiful large full moon I felt a frisson of fear skitter down my back. I shuddered and crossed my arms over my chest. I tried to shake off the feeling of dread and went back to admiring my decorations. They were really spooky and I was sure that this explained my earlier experience.

I made some final preparations and then the guests began to arrive. In no time at all I had forgotten about my earlier worries and was enjoying the evening. So many people from the town had shown up and it was fun to see everyone in their costumes.

There was one person who I couldn't figure out though. He was tall and stood off to the side away from the other guests mostly. He was dressed as Zorro, and it seemed that every time I looked at him he had been staring at me and moved his gaze away. I couldn't figure out who he was and was determined to go over and talk to him before the end of the evening.

The evening progressed and I was having a great time mingling and complimenting people on their costumes. Many seemed to like mine as well, and if they only knew what I wasn't wearing underneath!

The party was beginning to break up and I gathered some glasses to carry into my kitchen. I walked in the back door and set the glasses on the counter and then felt someone wrapping their arms around me. I started to scream but he covered my mouth. I turned and saw it was Zorro who had been watching me all evening. This was what I had been feeling earlier. I wanted to scream and my legs shook with fear.

But then he whispered into my ear. "You are so beautiful, I have watched you since I came to this town and tonight I knew I had to have you. Your costume has made me keep my distance from people all night, or else they would notice my erection."

He loosened his grip and I turned to face him. I went to move his mask and he shook his head no. "Who are you?" I asked.

"I am Zorro!" he said and kissed me deeply. I thought about refusing, but his lips were so soft that I gave in. He pushed me against the counter and began to run his hands along my shoulders and down my back. I'd always had a thing for Zorro honestly and let him have his way with me.

It was something I never do, it was passionate and heated and I loved every second of it. When he turned to leave I asked him again who he was and all he said was "I'm nobody."

He went out the back door and after I straightened my maid's costume I rushed to follow him. Some guests were still drinking by the fire but I couldn't find him anywhere, he'd disappeared. I asked if anyone had seen someone leave.

"Not at all, just you," my friend said and laughed. "What did you have a ghost visit you?"

I laughed and said no, I had just thought I heard the back door open and went about cleaning up some more. What had happened tonight?

The next day I went to my local coffee shop to feed my latte habit. When my name was called I grabbed my cup and saw a note tucked into the sleeve. "Last night was amazing. Zorro" was what it said and I turned and looked behind the counter. There were three men working, and all were tall like Zorro from the night before. I had to get to work and walked to the door. I turned one last time and saw the tall, handsome and extremely young man frothing milk staring at me, with the same look in his eyes as Zorro. I grinned and left the shop, making sure to come back soon.
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SneakersAndPearls SneakersAndPearls
Interesting take on the story start! I'd love to see more of the search for Zorro. Thanks for sharing!
Pudyqat Pudyqat
Entertaining story!
travelnurse travelnurse
That is entertaining!
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