#Eden Lit Meeting Recap (01.2013) - ATTN Zombie Giraffes ARE In Love!

#Eden Lit Meeting Recap (01.2013) - ATTN Zombie Giraffes ARE In Love!

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
OH MY GOD was the meeting on January 14, 2013 AMAZING! We wrote, we talked, we joked and we planned. I think even Stormy was kind of stunned that the meeting went two hours and the time really FLEW by. I do hope that the club members really had fun and are looking forward to next month.

Let's get the topics out of the way shall we?
*Open Topic- Whatever you want to write about we want to read! Hit us with your best shot.
*Poetry Open- Good, bad, happy, sad we don't care we want it all!

This Month we are not offering a guided topic but we are offering a story start that is silly, fun and completely drawn from the wicked mind of SneakersandPearls. She warned us that if we didn't give her a good idea she would give us flying zombie giraffes in love...and she did just what she promised!

So how do you join our club or post your work? Well it's the same procedure for both actually. All you do is post your work here in the Eden Lit forum using the heading style:
#Eden Lit-(month.year)-topic -title
So for example:#EdenLit- (01.2013)- Poetry Open Topic- The Bar
It is important that you include the month and year because I choose an author to spotlight each month and award a few points to the winner as well as write a special section in our monthly SexIs article.

Ok, so this month we did some amazing impromptu writing and after the meeting I compiled it all and you can read it in the SexIs article for January. I'll post the link as soon as it goes live.
Congratulations to Lickable Lollie for being the Spotlight author for January. Check out her stuff it's pretty damn good!
Where I'm From
The Bar

We talked about some workshops we are thinking of doing in collaboration with SexIs magazine. So stay tuned for that!

Now I present for your enjoyment our Story Start for January:
Valentine's Day In The Old World
I'm sick of this world. The world that seems the conglomeration of a thousand children's nightmares. We went to bed. We woke up. But the waking world had changed by the next morning. Or did we actually wake up? Maybe we, all of us, are still sleeping. Maybe it's only me and this world is some sort of lucid dream brought on by...I don't know. Too much chocolate or something. Even scarier is the idea that I may be part of someone else's dream, and I don't really exist at all.

Real or imagined, I must press on with this daily half-life. Getting up, getting dressed, carrying a weapon—a weapon at all times—and trying survive. We survivers, the few that I've met anyway, call this life and world Kubricuton: a sad attempt at humor, combining the names Stanley Kubric with Tim Burton. That's what this world is. The surrealism of Burton mixed with the horror of Kubric.

This morning I am tired. It's a three mile walk to the river bank, where you can still catch edible fish. I stop half way, and sit down on part of what used to be a concrete retaining wall. Now it's mostly rubble. The screeches of this world's animals are unmistakeable, and I look up from my make-shift rest stop to see them.

They're there, the pair of them. What used to be giraffes? Maybe? I don't know what you'd call them now. Their bodies are certainly giraffes, right down to their long necks and brown spots, but there's more to them now. They have wings, which beat the air with such a force that there is a consistent whum whum whum sound as they approach. They land a hundred yards away from me. They pay me no attention; they never do, but it scares me all the same. They have red eyes. Not the pink of an albino animal, but a deep, horrible red, and sharp teeth that are always bared. They left eating leaves behind in that other world and now catch and eat small rodents and fish wherever they find them. They remind me of zombies, really, with their unnatural eyes and horrible teeth. The zombie stories we heard about when the world made sense.

One glances my direction but immediately turns away. It's as if they don't think I belong here any more than I think they do. They move closer to each other and intertwine their necks. What is that? Is that a hug? One nuzzles the other. Are they in love? Do they have such a concept? I can't bear it. I can't watch these....things be in love. Not now. I pick up a few stones and hurl them at the creatures. They turn to me, make some sort of hostile sound that I'm pretty sure translates into profanity, and take to the air again. Their wings cast dust into the air as they go.

I'm alone now. So angry, and so alone. By my calculations, it would be February 14th in the old world. Valentine's Day.

Right then, take it away you talented authors! Our next meeting is scheduled for February 11, 2013 at 4 pm est. We're moving the time back an hour because it seems to be the time that works best for the club.
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SneakersAndPearls SneakersAndPearls
You all were warned. Just saying.
Petite Cannibal Petite Cannibal
Hehehe. Okay, hello all! Stormy got my started on this. She said join in, and well, I don;t know if I'm suppose to post outside of the meeting every month, but here it goes. If I'm not suppose to, then just take it down.

Story Continued:

Running away from the fleeing giraffe birds of this world, I try to escape the fondness they showed me. I did not want to be here. I did not want to witness those things fondness for one another when I... I was left alone. Yeah, sure there's others. Survivors. But... Even if spent one heated night together... Me and anyone else, it nothing. Not even sheer, raw passion. It'd be desperation.

In my frantic escape, my vision had blurred with... What are these? Tears? Why I am crying over something so feeble? It's just Valentine's day! But I miss him so much... So very much my heart breaks with my quivering hands and shaking knees. Coming to a stop, I press a calloused hand to one of the near by trees and break down. My hand presses hard into the tree as my body is racked with heart wrenching sobs. Then I feel this soft itching.

I smear the bare skin of my hanging arm with tears and look up. At first, I'm startled out of my pain and mourning for him. I had forgotten that even these are different. The trees are a dark, luscious purple, and velvety soft to the touch, but on further inspection, you can see this dark purple 'velvet' was a thin layer of jelly like ooze. I tremble, remembering just now, that the tree were carnivorous. I look up in time to see the black and white leaves strike at me. I duck in time, only to get swiped in the face, and roll back away from the cannibalistic tree.

I step back enough after getting up to get out of the range of the tree, and then I feel a small warmth spreading on my cheek. I press my hand to my cheek and come away with splotches of blood, and then notice that my right hand, too, is bleeding, from where that velvety ooze had begun digesting the epidermis of it. With a sigh and smile, I remember him more. Instead of heart ache, I feel warmth spread through body, numbing with longing and love of memories I had shared with nutty little baby. He had loved blood so much. He reminded him of Christmas, and of course, Valentine's Day.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
I sit there for a moment and angrily remember all those Valentine's celebrations we aggressively didn't have when we had the luxury of being arrogant. Like the winged giraffes we had twined necks and simply said we didn't need a special day to remember we loved each other. I realized now that I needed that special day more than ever, now that I was alone. Where was he? Was he here but somewhere else, thinking he was alone? The children were safe, I comforted myself believing they were with their father. After all it was my cheating heart that got me sentenced to this place. We were supposed to be together, my lover and I.

I sigh and wander my way to the river to scrounge up my morning meal. Birds chatter at me in almost understood words, profanities meant to threaten and dishearten rather than cheer. I give them the finger and chuckle at my childish behavior. A squirrel sits up on a limb and takes aim at my head with a small acorn. At the last minute I jog to the right and the missile whistles past my head and detonates on the ground with a soft pop. I shake my head and call him a little bastard. He smiles and the elongated eye teeth gleam in the soft gloom that passes for day light here. His black fur makes me want to nuzzle him and I realize I have been foolishly staring into his burning red eyes. I wrench my gaze away and he giggles madly before skipping up a few branches to disappear between the grasping leaves of the tree. Even the trees here hunger for flesh.

I need to bathe because the stench of my humanity will attract night prowlers but the water has an oily film on it that is most unappealing. I grit my teeth and plunge below the surface feeling the water clinging to my skin like an unwelcome caress. I quickly rub at my arm pits and crotch without removing my clothing. The animals here find it amusing to steal clothing left on the banks of the river and I am not going to be reduced to wandering around in my skin!
I feel a fish attach itself to my pants leg and I quickly poke it in the eye killing it instantly. A raccoon had unwittingly showed me the trick a while back. I would eat today though I wasn't sure if that was exactly a boon.
I looked at my Valentine meal and sighed before biting it's head off. The oily rush of cold blood didn't turn my stomach anymore and this had started to worry me. Still it felt good to have a full stomach, maybe it felt too good but at this point I don't really care.
SneakersAndPearls SneakersAndPearls
I put mine in a separate thread (oops?).

I love what you both did with it. Airen, haven't we all wanted to swear at squirrels?
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by SneakersAndPearls
I put mine in a separate thread (oops?).

I love what you both did with it. Airen, haven't we all wanted to swear at squirrels?
Naw it's cool I just figured it might be easier to just post it here
You can post your work where ever you want so long as it's in this forum!
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