#EdenLit (02.2013) Poetry Open Topic-The Nearness of You

#EdenLit (02.2013) Poetry Open Topic-The Nearness of You

Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
With all apologies to Norah Jones, this is a poem I wrote after chatting with several of my girlfriends. And for some reason, the song was running through my head the entire time, so that is the title that stuck.

The red of your lips
The pink of your tongue
The nape of your neck
The round of your shoulder


The swell of your breast
The peak of your nipple
The hollow of your chest
The bend of your elbow


The bump of your wrist
The length of your fingers
The ridge of your nails
The curve of your palm


The narrow of your waist
The rise of your hip
The flat of your abs
The dip of your navel


The spike of your heel
The arch of your foot
The curl of your toes
The flex of your instep


The arc of your calf
The crest of your thigh
The power of your quads
The round of your rump


The pout of your lips
The apex of your mons
The peak of your clit
The nadir of your sex


The scent of your hair
The depths of your eyes
The twist of your mind
The dominion of your soul

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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
*GASP* I do so LOVE the way your mind works.....
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