#EdenLit - (05.2012) - Open Topic - Getting His Attention

#EdenLit - (05.2012) - Open Topic - Getting His Attention

ScarletFox ScarletFox
It had been a couple of weeks since they had any sex, yes weeks, and it had been driving her mad. He was busy with work, long days leaving him too tired to do anything more than snuggle on the couch. But it was getting to the point that while she loved that he was fine with her using her toys, she wanted the real thing. But she needed to find a way to let him know that. That’s when the idea popped into her head.

Finding her way into his office she settled in at his desk, his laptop resting there . Letting it boot up she slowly removed her clothes finding the seat of the leather chair cool on her naked ass once she sat down again. It was a bit of a rush to be sitting there naked at his desk. While the two of them had sex there before, this time she was doing something she wasn’t certain of and so it gave it a very naughty edge to it. Pulling up the video recorder she started to adjust the web cam that he used now and then to video chat with clients when working from home making sure it was just right. Taking in how she looked her hair falling to the tops of her breasts nipples already hard from the cool air. Pale skin getting slightly red from nervousness as she settled back in the chair after one last click.

No words to start it, just a focus for now on the camera as a smirk fell on to her lips and her hands moved down over her stomach and down between her legs. She was already wet she found as her fingers parted her lips to slip inside, coating them in her wetness. She had never done this in front of him before, though he had asked, she just always flushed with embarrassment. But now her fingers where moving up to her slit again, opening it to find her clit. It made her pause with a gasp as she touched herself there, sending a shiver though her body and making the gasp into a moan. But soon she started to move her fingers back and forth on her clit before starting to circle it slowly. Her hand stayed intent on that movement before quickening the pace of it.

A few more moments and her hips moved and lifted from the seat, her eyes had closed when her head fell back against the chair, and her breathing had gotten heavy making her breasts rise and fall. The other hand was gripping the arm of the chair so tightly as her legs flexed while she moved her hips more, lifting herself up more. She let out a faint moan that was followed quickly by a louder one. The free hand now moving up to touch her aching nipples, running along them before she pinched them just slightly. She had forgotten that the camera was even running by this point all that mattered was the feeling between her legs as she thought about him. She could hear herself as she moaned again loudly before she was soon cumming. Having to quickly pull her fingers away from her sensitive clit and closing her legs.

She had to take a moment to catch her breath, but that moment was taken away from her when she heard his voice from the door way. “That was quite a show….”

Even though she was startled she looked up at him with a blush to see that his cock was hard already pulled out of his jeans. It made her smirk as she leaned forward and saved the file before getting up. Her legs wobbled a little as she walked over to him. “Just making you something to watch later…
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phoenixfiress phoenixfiress
I really like that it sounds like how my husband always ruins my plans to suprise him but some how it works out for me hehe...
Badass Badass
I'm gonna have to try this sometime.. very hot story and very well written
Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
Well, I'm ready! Very hot. I know it would get my attention if someone were to do that for me. It read well. Editir's hat on: It was good, but there were a couple of grammar items that pulled me out for a moment, and a couple times where some repetitve phrasing did the same. Hat off: I did really like it though!
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