#EdenLit - (06.2012) Fiction With A Twist-Never judge a book by its cover

#EdenLit - (06.2012) Fiction With A Twist-Never judge a book by its cover

ScarletFox ScarletFox
She was the runt of the litter, the smallest and weaker then her other brothers and sister. The others had thicker shinier coats that made them look regal. Others greater hunters then she, able to find game to take down and feed the pack with. Her only skills where watching and being the quietest of the bunch. She never made a sound or protested when she was overlooked for food or was never able to play with the others. She sat quietly, playing with herself and pouncing upon her shadow when it too didn't ignore her going off someplace she didn't know.

She watched with wide eyes her surroundings, noting all the details. The trees, the sun, the moon, the animals that stayed around and the animals that ran from them. She could always tell when shelter was near for rain or when water was near to quench the thirst they had. In her quiet way she took care of them, even if they so often overlooked her kindness not even remembering it was she who showed them.

That was until on night her keen ears woke to hearing something moving, heavier feet then the deer but not as ground shaking as bear. The scent was off as well, it was new and smelled like the trails that the loud shiney fast animals flew down. The ones that hit the rabbits and did not stop to eat their kill. She moved to her feet and tried to wake the strongest. But he batted her away, growling that he was full and tired from he hunt. She tried to wake the most regal to get them to lead the others, but she turned over and said simply nothing. Just turned her nose up and away. The sound got closer and then the light came, looking into their den. The shadows made noises that she could not understand, gruff like the bear but it was nothing she knew.

But then she saw the claws on their sides, as they pulled them out, these beasts meant to hurt her brother and sisters. She could not let that happen, she jumped infront of them letting out a growl that was nothing spectacular. The beasts laughed and one hit her with a stick of cold hard wood that made a cracking noise as he pointed it at her. No, she had to protect her family!

She heard a growl loud and strong, she could feel blood on her claws and taste it on her tounge but what was happening. The beasts screamed trying to run but they each fell one by one. Until the night was silent again. She looked at her paws, now large like bear and long like the deer but with her fur. She heard her brothers and sisters whimper in fright, not at her but at what she had done to the beasts. She could feel herself shrink down back to her small size. They came to her, cleaning her fur and thanking her. Apologizing that the did not listen. She could have been mad and turned them away, but she knew that they where family. They where pack and no matter what that pack protects one another. She did not know what she now was, but she was still pack and she planned to continue to protect them. Just as she always did.
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
What a beautiful story. I think this is one we can all relate to as well!
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