#EdenLit - (11.2012) Open Topic - The Party Virgin

#EdenLit - (11.2012) Open Topic - The Party Virgin

Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
Okay, I just got this finished and like most of ny stuff is too long to put easily into a forum post. You can find the complete post here:


Here is the first couple paragraphs for you to enjoy.

The following is a true account of a kinky Halloween party I was lucky enough to attend. Everything is as accurate as my memory can make it, with a few small liberties taken to improve the flow and pacing.

The evening started off with a nice little tease in the rear-view mirror as Nora hadn't gotten completely changed into her costume, a tight little skirtdress that hugged in all the right places to her curves. She had her costume dress on but the stockings, garter and underwear were still waiting to be put on. She slid the fishnets up her legs and then clipped the garter belt in place. All were in matching black: bra, stockings, garter and panties. This was a nice contrast with the olive flight suit look of her Top Gun inspired costume. She topped it off with black pumps with a nice heel, dark red lipstick and aome Aviator shades.
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Wow what a night! Sounds like a blast was had all way around.
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