#EdenLit - (8.2012)-Open topic- Call Me Daddy

#EdenLit - (8.2012)-Open topic- Call Me Daddy

ChuChii ChuChii
Slowly touching her lips, kissing every inch of her body, caressing her. I love the way she moans, as I go down south she starts shivering, I open her legs slowly and take my fingers and rub on her warm pussy, then I lick my fingers making it wet, I start fingering her and she's still moaning, but even louder then before. I play with her pussy making her wet, then I let her lick my fingers so she can taste herself. I get up to go to my draw and pull out the latest toy I got from edenfantasys.

As I turn around, I start putting on my strap on. She's still laying down horny as can be, playing with herself, I get to the bed, making sure my strap on is secured and safe to use. I then climb on the bed, Pushing her legs away and moving them to the side of me. I put on a condom (safety first) and grab the dildo and place it in her pussy, and started stroking back and forth.

I then turn her around on all fours and started penetrating her again. She's telling me to go harder, so I go harder, she told me to go deeper, so as I pushed in I pulled her towards me going in deeper. I have her screaming, I love the sound. I turn her to her side with one leg in the air and I penetrate even more. She's calling me daddy, and telling me how bad she was today, and that I should punish her. So I pulled out and went back near my special draw and grab a flogger, and my collar with the leash.

I walk back towards her. She was still on her knees, told her to get down and look at me. She did as I said. I walked a little closer to her so I can put on the collar. Once I put the collar on she went back on all fours as I flogged her. She loved it and so did I . Flogging her as hard as I can, leaving marks on her luscious round ass. I had her layed her back down on the bed on her back. I climbed on top and sat on her face , making her eat me out. She then started licking my anus that felt great. She went back to eating me out, and then we switch and I had her fuck me.

I wanted to cum so bad, I climbed on top of her and got into cowgirl position and started bouncing up and down and she held on to my sides. It felt great, still on top I leaned towards her face and sucked on her nipples and played with her breast and kissed her. I turned around and was in reverse cowgirl that way she can play with my anus again will i fuck the strap on. Then I was on all fours while she was fucking me, trying to make me scream, but she did make me squirt.

I felt relieved, now it was time to switch again, so I took her head and shoved it into the strap on and made her suck the juices off. If she gave me a dirty look I would slap her and shove her head deeper. She loves the feeling, so now I need to do something else since she's getting used to it, I have to buy something new, to spice up our sex life. So now she wont know what to do with it. Time to go order from edenfantasy and get my BDSM on with my female partner.
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Lovely erotica! Watch the run on sentences. Sometimes shorter sentences are actually easier to read and allow the reader to lose themselves in the scene you are setting. All in all this is a pretty damn hot piece!
ChuChii ChuChii
Thanks for the input, & thank you I try.
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