#EdenLit-Fumar-Open poetry

Contributor: Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
I miss this group and some of the discussions we had. And the stories and poems. I myself have had too little time to write, but did get a little bit done over the last year. Here is a poem I did from this summer in case anyone checks in on occasion and sees it.

The rustle of fingers digging and searching
The crackle of plastic as selection commences
The gentle tearing as a seal is broken
The smooth scent of Cameroon as choice is presented
The brief smile given after the nod of approval

The quick peek of a tongue moistening lips
The phallic caress of cigar raised to mouth
The subtle swirl while wetting the head
The metallic slide of an opening blade
The sharp snikt as the cut is made

The low hiss of gas from the torch
The quiet pop as ignition occurs
The harsh growl of bright blue flame
The small wisp of smoke from edges now curling
The snowy gray ash from toasting the foot

The kiss of the torch releasing its heat
The subtle glow as filler ignites
The rush of the smoke as combustion ensues
The whisper of breath teasing the ember
The click of a switch quenching the blaze

The susurration of breath drawn in
The instant of flame as the ember glows
The exhalation of smoke, deep gray
The swish of a skirt from kneeling presentation
The loving caress as the offering is accepted

The light pepper taste of rich brown leaf
The cool rich smoke filling the mouth
The billowing cloud dark and full
The expanding rings puffed soft and slow
The soft touch of a head resting on thigh

The orange-red gleam against pale skin
The bright glint reflecting off ball and bar
The measured rush of cautious breath
The crimson flush from sensation spreading
The low moan of kindling rapture

The silky curls enclosed in a fist
The curve of a throat with head tilted back
The sizzle of ash hitting a tongue
The lush fruit of a fine Pinot Noir
The passion in a kiss full of ash and wine

The lambent glow caressing flesh
The blooming scent of arousal; musky, sweet
The glisten of moisture reflecting radiance
The intense heat titillating the mons
The quickening fire as orgasm builds

The arousal brimming in eyes aglow
The billowing cloud of smoke never ceasing
The falling ash like snow increasing
The entwining of limbs long and grasping
The enveloping flesh warm and inviting

The mingling of dark ash and sweat
The thrusting of hips, speed increasing
The mashing of bodies, ash decorating
The plea from lips, desire overwhelming
The crescendo of screams when permission granted

The near collapse of post-coitus bliss
The stroking so gentle for service embraced
The beatific smile for adoration received
The rekindling puffs for cigar near-forgotten
The relaxing love in a night for remembrance
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Contributor: edeneve edeneve
great love making description. it had me visualizing many things.