#EdenLit - (01.2012) Open Topic - Love at Snow Lake (part 2)

#EdenLit - (01.2012) Open Topic - Love at Snow Lake (part 2)

PassionateLover2 PassionateLover2
LOVE AT SNOW LAKE – by PassionateLover2

(continued from part 1)

“There is nothing out here more beautiful and captivating, except for you my love,” I quietly replied in return. This wasn’t just foreplay, wasn’t just sex, or giving in to a fantasy; it was my desire to worship you, for your heart, pure and simple.

We kissed in a long embrace as the heat radiated from the roaring fire. Your soft warm body added to my arousal which I could not deny. Our tongues danced and fluttered with sexual excitement as our juices mingled together. I loved the taste of your yielding wet lips fused with mine. Catching our breaths, I handed you a glass of wine and we drank a long slow sip of the sweet nectar. But slowly, without further word you knelt before me pulling down my pants. You grabbed my butt and drew me in close. You placed into your mouth the head of my cock and swirled your tongue all around as I grew in size. I closed my eyes as you took more of my erect shaft deeper and deeper towards the back of your throat. I moaned for a moment as your soft wet mouth took me in.

As I stood there, helplessly, I reached down with my hands to cup and caress your tender breasts and gave then a soft squeeze. All your senses are filled with me; the way I taste, the way I smell, and the way I feel made your heart beat faster. What seemed like an eternity, you finally pulled away and I drew you up close to me in a gentle embrace. With a low, but soft voice you sensually said, “There, that is the way I like to say, thank you!”

But before you could say more, I lifted you into my arms and placed you down on the warm bear rug waiting in front of the fireplace. You looked so beautiful, naked, and helpless and yearning for me. I knelt down and slowly spread you legs wide. I could smell your sweet aroma so wanting of my caress. And then again you begged with a soft whisper, “I want you! I want you to fuck me! Make love to me tonight!”

As I leaned forward to kiss you on your lips once more, my long, hard, cock entered your wet, throbbing, pussy taking me inch by inch. Your body responded instantly as a gush of heat raced to your groin. I slid deeper into you and you convulsed and moaned a sharp cry, “Oh baby. That feels so good.” I began to thrust deeper and harder in rhythmic motion just like the power of a Lycoming engine. I could feel you arch under the intense pounding like hot pistons moving up and down. My hand reached for your swollen clit to stroke it in unison, as you moaned helplessly beneath me. Your breathing intensified as tremors inside you became unstoppable. Our movements were frantic as we raced closer and closer to our climax. The passion I felt for you matched the crackling heat of the fire and I held my course until I knew you were near. As your eyes fluttered closed, once more you whispered, “oh, fuck me. . . , oh my God, fuck me. . . , fuck me,” and I did as you commanded.

Fireworks crossed our lines of vision and gave way to seconds of darkness, as our pleasures reached its peak. Your legs wrapped around my waist to hold on tight and not let me go. As you writhed and cried out my name, your strong muscles began to milk me. With explosive cries of ecstasy, I could no longer resist! I pulsated my cum deep inside you as your pussy swallowed and gripped tighter around my cock in return. Time stood still as we raptured together in one powerful orgasm and yet – we only had just begun.

A few seconds of sweet exhaustion completely overwhelmed us as we fought to return to earth and regain our breaths once again. Our hot trembling bodies collapsed against each other in a mountain of wonderful and amazing pleasure. The seconds passed into minutes as we silently embraced each other and kissed passionately on our scorched lips. I wanted your heart tonight as much as you wanted this lovemaking to continue forever. But begging for more WAS your desire this night – our night – by the deep-blue waters of Snow Lake in the wilderness of burning love.

It was a night to remember.
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Gracie Gracie
great story!
PassionateLover2 PassionateLover2
Originally posted by Gracie
great story!
Thanks for reading! I am glad you liked it!
K101 K101
This is the perfect story! Perfect amount of romance mixed with sex. This is the kind of erotica I enjoy, and I don't enjoy much erotica. I love how you did this. It has so much feeling/passion in there. It's not just the typical wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Every single word carried power in this. Very great job!
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