July/August - Pehaps ongoing submission, untitled, Part 1

July/August - Pehaps ongoing submission, untitled, Part 1

Mistress M. Mistress M.
The life of a slave in the Kingdom might be thrust upon a citizen for many reasons. One, being having owed a life debt, another being a spoil of War. Unfortunately for Rilan, it was neither. She was born to two slaves who were used specifically for breeding, and sold to her Mistress, Rosaria, at age nine. Her youngest of years were spent as a play mate for her Rosaria's daughter Celest. When Rilan became of age 16, she was often the eye of Rosaria's potential suitors as she was a widow, and Mistress Rosaria often received several offers for Rilans purchase. However, it was never a deal that was made, due to the Widow Rosaria using it as a reason to keep the suitors visiting.

Her life was unabridged, living under the household of Rosaria. As long as Rilan did her chores, and kept Celest company, Rilan was allowed to do very much what she pleased. Rosaria was not the strictest of Mistresses, and the household of the three kept running smoothly. By the age of 15, Rilan became the head of the servants, and oversaw that the matters of the estate were run correctly, and that the other slaves were doing their jobs as well. Her position of such gave her small perks, as Rosaria clothed her more appropriately then other slaves, so she was given clothes more fitting of someone of the lower middle class then that of a slave.

At age 17, Celeste was married off to a very rich Baron, and it left Rilan and Rosaria together as Mistress and slave. Despite the Estate having over one hundred servants and slaves, it was Rilan that Rosaria chose to keep at her side as her right and left hands. Rosaria was very comfortable in Rilan's ability to handle the estate, and she did so very well, leaving Rosaria's financial situation always on the brightest side of things. Unlike the other servants who would be shackled, Rosaria permitted Rilan to sleep on a pallet of furs at the base of her bed unchained, because the Mistress knew and understood the loyalty that Rilan had pledged to her.

However, shortly after Rilan turned 18, Rosaria became ill. Rilan did not leave her Mistress's side as she was dying, but the slave's plight to save her Mistress did not change the course of fate. Two months after Rosaria fell ill, the Mistress passed into the next world. Celeste and her husband would return to the Estate, to take the funds and to sell everything off.

Despite having been nearly a sister to Celeste as the two grew up together, Celeste chose to sell Rilan to an exotics auction. The woman
could not bare peer upon the woman who had failed to save her mother.

And that, is where our story begins.

---------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- --------

The auction was small that day. The influx of slaves deemed to be of the 'exotic' form, appeared to be fewer and further between. However, it did not change the course of the auctions beginnings, as a large, brunette man approached the cell that Rilan was in. He paused, staring into the cell, almost caught off guard by the woman that he would find inside. It however, did not last long, as he threw the cage door open, and grabbed her by her hair. Rilan was jerked from the cage, and pulled close to the man's frame. With a simple flick of his wrist, the small thigh-length tunic she wore was cut from her body.

In the damp, dusty light and air of the Auction house, her skin still seemed to glisten. Rilan was much to be desired, as her skin was flawless in near every way. No scar would be found from the tail of a whip, no freckles of imperfection across her face. Her facial features were petite, simple, yet they held a soft tone of perhaps someone from the High Class, nobility. Her cheekbones were delicately set high, her eyes the brightest blue that the man that held her had ever seen. Her lips were large and plump, a natural dark rosed hue that stood out against her alabaster skin. The locks of hair that sprouted in a glorious mane of Stygian tresses and curls danced down over her plump, large breasts in the front, and down to the small of her back as well. The slave, the man realized, was certainly exotic as well.

The man took one of his large, stubby hands, and grasped her arms, throwing her back against the cage door. A single finger would travel down, thrusting into her sex. The sudden act of such a violation caused Rilan to scream, and attempt to kick the man as he felt up into her frame.

“Ah, a virgin.... You'll fetch a good price at the auction today, little mare.” the man smiled, his crooked teeth showing in all of it's hideous glory. He withdrew his finger, and fetched a set of shackles from his belt and forced them down around her wrists. Within another moment, he picked the Rilan up, throwing her over his shoulder, and wandered to the auction post.

The man threw Rilan against the post, shackling her hands above her head. There was little she could do other then cross her legs and hope to preserve some amount of modesty from the large crowd of men that stood before her. However, even this amount of modesty would not be granted to her, as the man took each leg after she had done so, and shackled each one spread as far as he could and allow her to be able to stand on her own, to the floor. The auctioneer waited no time to begin the bidding.

“This one comes to us with the name given as Rilan. She is a pure slave, coming from the household of a Mistress. Unmarked, and with a bit of force, perhaps a very fine slave to take to bed.” the auctioneer began, “The bidding will start at 300 gold.”

A short man near the front raised his hand, “Three hundred!”
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Mistress M. Mistress M.
“Gentlemen....This woman is far too fine to go for a simple-” the auctioneer was cut off at that moment, as another man chimed in.
“Three-fifty!” a young, large man shouted from near the back of the Auction House.
“We have Three-Fifty, do I hear Four?”
“Four Seventy-Five!”
Rilan couldn't hear the counter offers anymore, as she stared into the crowd. Those blue orbs caught their gaze upon an old man who seemed to be watching her as she watched him. His eyes were aged, softened, and it seemed as if they were calculating. Finally, the Auctioneer seemed to be narrowing down the bidding.
“Six hundred...Going once!” Going Tw-...”
The old man who had intently been staring at her gave her a firm nod, as he shouted, “One thousand, one hundred!”
The number was astounding, and the house went quiet.
“We have One Thousand, One Hundred! Going Once...Going Twice.....” the auctioneer paused a moment before slamming his hammer down upon the wooden planks of his stand, “SOLD! To the oldman! Better luck next time boys!”
Rilan was then taken back into the rooms behind the Auction house. A small woman, who worked at the auction, found her way back to Rilan. The woman took her measurements, her bust, waist, hips, legs and even the length of her arms. Finally as standard with a slave, she took the measurements around her neck, wrists and ankles as well.
After the woman left, the old man would also find his way back to her. He walked around her, inspecting her for some time. Finally, he would walk to her, take her by her chin, and make her look him in the eyes as he spoke.
“In one weeks time, you will be taken from this Auction House, and to your new home. You are to serve a man by the name of Darius De'Lamour. You will serve him well.” the old man seemed to be looking her over again, and giving a nod. “You will do nicely.”

The old man had been true to his word. Rilan remained in the dingy old Auction house for a period of seven days. When she was to be transported, her arms were bound behind her back, and she was blindfolded. She was unsure of where she was taken, or how long it took to get there, but she was familiar with the sound of a large stone door opening, and the feel of hard wood floor beneath her feet. She was at her new residence, she realized.

The room that she led to was large. Or at least, she thought that it was large. The blindfold was done well enough that she could see nothing, but the senses of sound and touch were heightened. She was in a room with a fireplace, and she could hear the fire crackling behind her. She was near it, as her still naked form could feel the warmth of the fire radiating against her back as her transporters forced her down onto her knees. Her thighs were again, forced apart, and her hands were chained down to the floor between her thighs.

She heard the men who had brought her, trample off towards the door. Two other footsteps entered, one loud against the floor, the other barely heard. There were voices. One, the old man she held a small familiarity with, the other, a man whom she could not recognize.

“She is very pretty, Aaron. Of course, she had better not have been anything less for the price you paid for her.” the unfamiliar voice stated. There was an eerie coolness to it, and it sent a shiver up her spine.
Mistress M. Mistress M.
Aaron, the old man, spoke with a bit of a light chuckle. “It has been a long time since you have had a female companion, my friend. I felt that it was only fitting that you have the loveliest of the Auction.”

“Indeed. And it does seem that you know my tastes quite well. However, she is rather dirty. You would think that a purchase such as pricey as hers would warrant a bath before being brought to the Master.”

“Indeed, I am sorry Darius. I will take her to the baths if you wish it.”

“It is not needed, Aaron. Simply go to your new home and rest. I will take care of the matter personally, as I will grow to know my new girl as well.”

There was the old man walking again, she realized. The door opened, and shut with a heavy thud, followed by the lighter footsteps of the man she knew now by voice as Darius, her new master. Her hands were then unlocked. She could feel the soft fingertips of long fingers weave around the lock and free her, before the same long, slender fingers wove themselves suddenly up into her hair, dragging her to her feet. Darius said nothing to her, as drug her from the room.

They made several changes, twisting down one hallway and then down another. She did her best to make no sound as she was drug into a room, where she could hear the pleasant sound of water dripping.

“Stand here.” the man demanded, as he let her hair go. Her knees were shaking hard, and she did her best to remain standing as the man had sternly ordered her so. It was only a few minutes before he had her by her hair again, leading her to the waters edge, and down into what she believed to be a pool-like bath of some sort. It was heated by fires that were surrounding it, she realized, hearing again, the sound of fire crackling.

Her hands were then bound in front of her, holding her arms to what she thought might have been the edge of the pool, as her hands could grasp the ledge. She was waist deep in water, and she could feel the presence of the man still in the bath with her. He left her for a few breif moments, before returning. His hands would slowly run up and over her back. Those hands...they were almost like a womans, smooth and soft, and long. His hands had soap on them, she could feel too, the cold soap being applied to her form. He was doing it with his bare hands. Why would a Master bathe a slave? Especially with his bare hands? She did not understand the gesture, but perhaps within a deeper meaning, the man wished to take in every aspect of his new property, much like a boy who received a new toy. His hands would run the course of her back, and slowly under her arms before they found their way to her stomach. Across the length of her petite stomach they ran, and slowly up over the Rilans large, plump breasts. He teased the perks of her nipples for just a moment, feeling them, before his hands would dive below the water to her lush thighs. He would take his time, feeling the muscle in each of her thighs, before his fingertips would brush against her sex, with the movements of a swift lover. He did not tarry while performing his work as he, just as the man at the auction did, slid a finger deep into her velvet folds, feeling for the barrier he had been promised. When he was satisfied with having found it, he withdrew his finger, pulling his hand away from her. He would then wash her hair next, using what she guessed was a basin or bowl to rinse the soap from it.
Mistress M. Mistress M.
It was shortly after this, her arms were untied from the side of the pool, and he grabbed her by her hair again, dragging her through the manor once more. He did not speak to her again, instead he simply continued to move his way down, forcing her to follow him. She moved along behind him with as great of a stride as she could muster, trying to keep up with his smooth gait. He lead her to a room, and into it. She could not particularly realize what he was doing until she was forced onto something plush, a bed, she realized. The shackles around her arms were bound to what she thought was a headboard, just above where her head lay against a pillow. She tried to struggle against him, but his strength was nothing like anyone whom she'd met thus far. He pinned her down easily, and the next thing she knew, his lips were crushing down against her own, his bare frame against her own.

Her screams fell against nothing but death ears. His hands moved up against her breasts, fondling each plump breast with skilled hands. Darius used his own weight between her legs to hold her down against the bed, and while her legs would kick out, she could not manage to free herself of his weight down upon her.

His honeyed voice could be heard against her ear suddenly, yet in a harsher tone than the one he had used previously. “You are my property, I will use you how I wish. It will only be get better for you if you learn not to fight me.”

She struggled more, managing to keep him from his goal, but it did not last long. Finally, she gave up trying, and fell down against the bed. It was a simple sign of her submission, giving into the needs of her new master. He seemed quite pleased with himself, as he reached down, finally removing the blindfold that kept her vision so compromised. She found herself staring up into the face of a young man, who carried a set of haunted, gray eyes, and dark brown hair. He was incredibly handsome, his body like a fine artwork, chiseled from marble. She turned her head, looking away from him, only to have a hand move up to force her eyes back onto his.

“Now, be a good little slut, and part your legs further.” he demanded. Swallowing hard, Rilan did her best to part her thighs against her own wishes. Darius moved then, like a man with a prize to claim, taking one of her long slender legs and holding it in the air, as he thrust himself roughly into her honey spot, giving it one full thrust, pushing his stiff, long member deep into her core. He held himself there, seeming to savor the conquest he held over her body in that moment. She screamed in pain, forcing her head to the side. Her mind was spinning, clamoring to try to figure out a way to remove herself from the situation she was in, but it was at a hopeless trend. Her hands were bound far too secure above her head, as she pulled at the restraint it did nothing but cause the skin of her wrists to begin to bruise.

He began to thrust into her, pulling his shaft from her body, and thrusting back into her with a bit of force, much like that of a battering ram. The pain from her small barrier subsided, and the sensations that took over as he continued to push his manhood into her body changed. It was almost as if he was waiting for this, as from the corner of her eye she could see a grin spread across his face.

She could feel an odd pressure building at the base of her spine. It was new, it was unique to anything she had felt before, and to keep from making any sound of pleasure she bit down hard into her lip. She was not about to let her Conqueror know that he had won, at least not while she could avoid it. Suddenly she reached her climax, the first her body had ever felt. Biting her lip was no longer an option as the sensation moved down through her toes, curling them, and she let out a long, loud moan.

“Mmm.....Thats my good pet..” he dove down against her breast as her climax was still trembling her body, and she suddenly felt a sharp bite to her breast. She cringed in pain, but it was a masked pain, from the feeling of her body writhing beneath Darius. He clung to her breast for several moments, and she began to feel somewhat sleepy, tired. Finally, he pulled away, and the horror of what he'd done struck her. Blood trickled like wine down his bottom lip, and in her breast, two holes formed by sharp canines. She screamed like a murderer was in her midst, which for all she knew, he was. She scrambled again, fighting to get away from him.

Darius simply brought his lips up against her ear, and whispered harshly to her. “If you decide you wish to continue living, my little slut, you'll learn to hold in your screams. He seemed to be done with her for this moment, as he reached up swiftly, unlocking her arms. He drug her form, kicking and screaming from the bed, throwing her to the floor, which was covered by a bear fur, at the foot of his bed. Her arms were shackled to one of the bedposts.

“Sleep. For tomorrow night, your true training begins.” he spat, before returning to his bed. “It is nearly daybreak. You are to be awake by nightfall.” Darius drew the heavy black curtains around the canopy bed closed, and not another word was heard from him.

She lay awake on the fur, her head reeling, for what seemed to be ages...

Until finally, a melancholy slumber finally found her.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Welcome back! What an ambitious work. I like the premise of this story and found it very entertaining. Good Job!

I found several areas that could use a good editing...it's like you were going in one direction and suddenly switched mid-stream. Is this a work in progress or a finished piece? We are going to be opening up the club to do light editing and real story development. Up to you but this could be a really great piece!
Mistress M. Mistress M.
I'm definitely up for some editing. It is a big work in progress.
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