Moving from the dark in to the Light

Moving from the dark in to the Light

Izzaba Izzaba
I am looking up from a dark hole with no light, a large chain about my leg. I can smell of the earth and mildew. I stand up to start claiming oput finding foot holds as I go looking up t osee the top finely and seeing someone there who takes my hand to help me out then they cover the hole, but dose noy look at the chian. We walk away I can't go far before I get tugged back I fight ,but soon I am falling through the leaves and back in to the hole it is even deeper and darker.

I try to free myself once more, but the foot broke on me making me fall. People are just walking and looking at the hole,then walk away not wanting to help. I fall to the ground crying. I feel crying is all I left to do. I feel hopeless for any freedom from here.

I soon hear my name called. Look up in to the light a ladder comes down to me. I look up not sure how to act, but slowly I start up with the chain pulling me back down the closer to the top I get. A hand comes down to me and pulls me out, and then he helps me set on the groun to rest. He walks away coming back with food and water telling me to eat knowing I need to eat after all I have been threw. Then he leaves me once again, I wash up with some water. Then eat the meal he left for me as the sun warms me with is rays. I love how the sun feels on my skin it has been far to long without it in my life.

The chain again around my leg even tighter that before. With it's lock, digging in to my leg and trying to pull me back in the hole. I cry out "NO not this time I will not go back!" I look up and see his shadow falling a cross me. In his hand is a key, he gives it to me and tells me "That it will only work if I realy want it to work, if I am ready foe the freedom from the darkest that has made my life this way." I take the key with treambling hands putting it in to the lock. At this time, I hear from the darkness the voice "It's going to brake, he leid to you then I will just have to pull back and you will never be free." I pray for real freedom I never want to go back. I hear the click of the lock as it opens and the weight of the chain is gone from me the darkness has lifted from me. With his help, I can stand without the pain from it, I watch the chain falls back in to the hole. Hegives me a shovel, tells me to fill the hole in so onone can can fall in to the dark there anymore. Then he hands me a bag of seeds together we though the seeds over the earth so flowers will grow where darkness once was.

We start walking tell we get to a house, I am unsure of this I turn to run saying "I will not be put back in to a prison agian." Then he takes my hand and tells me "I will never do that to you." Knocking on the door some women come to see who we are. Welcoming us in, He talks the time to tell them about and what I have just been through.They take me by the hand shoing me a room where there waas a hot bath and new cloths. It was as if they were waiting for me. They help me with eveything and and had all to do is ask. After the bath, dressing, then they helped me brush my hair. Then handed me a mirror then asked me what I see. What I seen was my self as if for the first time. I was in the dark for so long I had seen what age had done to me.I hid me face with my hands and hair. One of the women pulled my hair back from my face. Then asked me agian I slowly took my hands down and looked this time. She wiped the tears awy for me. I coould see myself I was no longer broken, not even ugly as I thought myself to be. Not the person all those people hurt all those years ago. There I was the brown eyes from my childhood looked backatme: the redish-brown hair was streaked with gray. My eyes had wrinkles, but you can see the beauty inthem. Breathing slowly I was free from the darkness and knew I did not have to be alone there were people who cared for me. Thses women wanted so show me how to live once more. In time, I learned how to laugh, even that I could love once more.
In time as I grew I hole was and all I could find was the flowers growing making a place of beauty not fear, or lonenes. There men, women, and children still walked bythat place, but never knew the darkens that was there so long ago. He came back to me at this time and touched my hand telling me " That even in the dark places beauty can grow. I see that in you that is why I wanted to reach out to you now you to reach out to other who needs your help".
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
You know at first I was a bit taken aback by the spelling errors but then I began to see a young woman grown older sitting at a dark table...or maybe scratching with a burned piece of wood at a wall, and the errors became necessary to the image. She is scared, alone and ready to reach out but still caught down deep in her "hole". For me this satisfied the editor and allowed me to read the piece as it was written, giving it literary license.

It really is quite a powerful and evocative piece. I'd love to see it edited for some of the spelling and more confusing sentence structure but this is good in it's simple, but powerful, ability to evoke an emotional response.

Very nice, my friend!
Mistress Dragon Mistress Dragon
I agree on both here Airen it is a great piece just the way it is. There are a few things that may make it flow a bit easier but the miss spelled words make you see that little girl in the dark wanting so badly to be in the light and be as beautiful as what she see's others. Not knowing she is the one who is more beautiful than they ever have been, inside and out.
Great writing my friend thank you so much for sharing and hope to see more of this here.
Izzaba Izzaba
Originally posted by Mistress Dragon
I agree on both here Airen it is a great piece just the way it is. There are a few things that may make it flow a bit easier but the miss spelled words make you see that little girl in the dark wanting so badly to be in the light and be as beautiful ...
Thank you both for see this for what it is. Yes it is writen from the way it is seen from a young girl who was pushed down all her life and how she was helped to find her way out of depression with help from people who cares for her. I know my spelling sucks at times and I am working on this.
Yes you will see more from me here in time.
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