Congratulations to Melissa1973 - She's hit 100!

Congratulations to Melissa1973 - She's hit 100!

Ansley Ansley

Congratulations to melissa1973, she's hit the big 1-0-0 review milestone. Let's all give her big round of applause and find out more about her reviewing habits, likes, and dislikes!

What is your favorite genre of product to review?

What’s a genre? I’m pretty much comfortable anywhere except when it comes to the men’s toys. But my main area of interest is BDSM, I’d love for hard core items to come in stock. But I understand that someone inexperienced may get an item and seriously hurt themselves or their partner, and no one wants that.

How did you find Edenfantasys and what brought you into the review program?

Actually one of the girls that I worked with, her next door neighbor was telling her about the program, and she let me know, and the two of us went to her house where she told us what the program was all about. The reason that I signed up for the program, is not for the free toys that people may think, it’s not for the gift cards, or the point system, but it is information and empowerment. People have a right to know what they’re getting and how to use it properly, and who better to get the information from than actual people who have experience in the matter with specific toys that they may be looking to buy. The adult stores are going to tell you basically what they want you to hear so that you’ll buy the item with it’s a POS or a really good item they could care less, as long as they make money. People have the right to know ALL the facts, the good as well as the bad.

Are you a mentor; do you have plans to become a mentor?

No I’m not, I’d like to be one day but my grammar and punctuation still needs work.

If you could have any toy off the site, what would it be?

You’re really going to make me think now. There are just so many wonderful toys that I’d like to get, but choosing just one. I’ll have to say…. Realistically would be the Insignia Tiani 2

What are your top five favorite products that Eden carries?

(1) The Sweet scape desserted island duo – bath and shower gel I just can’t seem to get enough and it was one product that was a hit with everyone in the family.
(2) Chain of Platina flog-her
(3) The entire Fetish Fantasy Shock therapy series
(4) The Wartenberg pinwheel
(5) The Mantoy by Whpispider
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Awesome, way to go!
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Awesome! Congrats!
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Congrats to you and good job with your hard work!
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Congrats! Way to go!
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Thanks everyone.
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Great job!! I definitely appreciate the reviews you have done and look forward to reading many more!!
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Nice job!
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