Congratulations to Kendra30752 - She's Hit 100 Reviews!

Congratulations to Kendra30752 - She's Hit 100 Reviews!

Ansley Ansley

Congratulations to Kendra30752, she's hit the big 1-0-0 review milestone. Let's all give her big round of applause and find out more about her reviewing habits, likes, and dislikes!

Have my interests changed since joining EF? Well yes. My interests in different sex toys and positions have changed. I went from a crappy plastic, painful vibrator to much better for one. I've more embraced my kinkyness rather than thought of it as really weird. I used to be a loner til' I met you guys!

What has my favorite product been so far? Oh boy, do I love this question! My all time favorite is probably Matryoshka, but the much cheaper G-spot vibrator Envie is one I've been crazy about for several months now because the vibrations are very high quality and get me there each and every time! Maybe I'm easy to please when it comes to toys, but I can say the higher price tag has not always proved to be the best vibrations for me. I'm definitely getting some use out of the new Sqweel though. It's one fantasitc little dude!

As for non-vibrating toys, my favorite would be the Pink Passion wand. The stacked ball-like end makes my legs go limp! I've never had a less than perfect experience with that glass toy. It gets used probably 70% more than my other glass toys.

And for my favorite toy that's not quite a toy, but definitely a sex product? Has to be the Pleasure Swing... or my pole, but the Pleasure Swing came from EF and it gets used at least as much.

My favorites have definitely changed since I first explored toys. I went from thinking I would not find a toy that was comfortable for me to finding a whole slew that seemed made just specifically for me. I used to only know plastic until I began reviewing. All of my previously bought toys were plastic. What hole was I hiding in? Now I've found that I'm a girl who loves soft and squishy vibrators that are grinder-friendly.

What do I want to review/see more of? You will probably regret ever asking me that, but I promise to keep it short. I want to see more lingerie and dress items and absolutely more of the unique toys such as the funky Orgasmatron x1 toy and Mitzi , kegel balls -- I am really crazy about trying different kegel balls. They entertain me, but there's not many that come in a "mini" size, so I'd love to see more of those.

And of course I have to say thank you! It's awesome that you keep notice when someone's nearing 100 reviews. I really love you guys at EF! Ya'll are fabulous.

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Breas Breas
Originally posted by Ansley

Congratulations to Kendra30752, she's hit the big 1-0-0 review milestone. Let's all give her big round of applause and find out more about her reviewing habits, likes, and dislikes!

Have my interests changed since joining EF? ...
We love you too Kendra!!! Way to go girl!!!!

PS: I agree with you- more dress items would be fabulous : )
Kindred Kindred
Sammi Sammi
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
Congrats to you Kendra! You've done such a great job!
K101 K101
Sktb: whoo hoo! See, I knew someone else would feel the same What can we say though? We're stylish peoples! Lol.

Kindred, Sammi and Ksparkles: Thank you all so much!

Love you guys!
travelnurse travelnurse
Good for you, keep it up!!
LadyDarknezz LadyDarknezz
Hooray! Congratulations on your milestone! Keep up the great work! !
- Kira - - Kira -
Gracie Gracie
Way to go Kendra!!! I'm so proud of you and all your hard work!!! And I look forward to even more!
Mwar Mwar
unfulfilled unfulfilled
Congratulations Kendra!!!!! Your reviews are amazing and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.
js250 js250

I love your honest, straightforward and very entertaining reviews!! Your sense of humor makes your reviews spectacular and your pictures are fun and tasteful but very helpful!! Wonderful job!!!

You are an amazing person, funny, kind and honest. Do NOT ever change--you are wonderful the way you are--thanks for being a friend!!!

And again: (because I could not decide which one to use)
Love ya--can't wait for the next 100 reviews!!!!!!
amplified to rock amplified to rock
Congratulations, Kendra!
KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
Ryanne Ryanne

Buttercup Green Buttercup Green
Congrats Kendra!!
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