Congratulations to js250 - She's hit 400!

Congratulations to js250 - She's hit 400!

Ansley Ansley

Congratulations to js250, she has published her 400th review! What an amazing achievement in such a short period of time - she joined Eden just May of last year!

Since hitting 400 reviews, do you feel like you have a better foothold on why something works for you and why it doesn't? How do you use the knowledge you've gained when deciding on what to get next?

You would think that after reviewing that many items, I would know exactly what I want and need in a toy, lingerie or bath product--but with every item I try, it changes. I try out something new and realize how much I am still learning about myself and the products. I am a lot more knowledgeable about my dislikes, what does not work for me and why they do not work--it is easier to weed out the negatives than to list all the positives. Variety is also a huge requirement for me, I have a tendency to get bored and lose interest with using the same items and that is where the alternative uses come into play. Finding new ways to use old toys is a challenge that keeps me very occupied. It is a very good thing when it works out--but when it doesn't, well...let's just say it can get pretty interesting. I see a "How NOT To Use Sex Toys" article in the future?

When looking at the items, I find myself discarding the ones that are similar to previously reviewed ones that did not work out based on size, appearance and material. I do find myself second guessing my decisions occasionally, and every time I have caved in--it does not work out!! Then I have a review I put off time and time again since I really hate writing negative or middle of the road reviews. I am definitely learning to trust my decisions more and to just leave the items alone that have not worked for me in the past.

Which scientific achievement would need to be made in order for you to have the futuristic toy of your dreams?

Life like and free thinking 'prosthetics'. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to have oral sex without someone else having to be there to do this for you?? This would be an amazing toy for those not currently in a relationship, masturbating alone and those times when your partner just is not in the mood--but you are. You could take out the fun-colored tongue, activate it and enjoy!!

In five words or less, describe Edenfantasys.

Our extended community of friends.

Where do you hope the toy industry goes in the next five years?
I would really like to see the industry focusing on making viable and varied toys for men. It seems like I have a million choices on the items I can choose, but my husband has very limited options. It is definitely easier to design insertable toys--but not everyone uses them. Affordability would be a bonus, but making the toys with higher quality components would be a better compromise. There is nothing more frustrating then the ones that do not work or when they die after just an hour of gentle use.

For the most part, though, I would also like to see the industry become more safety conscious. Hopefully they will continue to work with and develop more high quality and body safe materials, cleaners that are able to easily sanitize the items and storage options to keep the items clean.

Would you enjoy designing toys and if so, would you want to be a part of the idea process or the manufacturing process - i.e. designing the machines that make the toys?

I would love to design toys. Definitely part of the ideas--I actually have designed a few different items for my husband using our broken and unsatisfying toys. We have the "box of no return", which is a rubbermaid container for broken toys, duds, ones we would rather never use again and the disposable bullets. When I get an idea, I will pull it out and see what I come up with--than he gets to try the idea. Of course they all work perfectly--(mmhhmmm... .riiight!!). Seriously, we have adapted an old pump with a broken pocket pussy and some disposable bullets for a fun pump/masturbator. Of course, now we need to work on making it look good, but the new toy works amazingly well!! Adding a bullet to the actual pump has not--unless we wear earplugs.

I have a tendency to think outside the box which can be both good and bad. My husband used to think I was one of those people who are never satisfied with anything and my thoughts and ideas were a bit scatterbrained. It wasn't until we had been together for a few years and he started realizing that the results did usually work in one way or another. I would worry the issue until I figured something useful out--then would work on improving the idea. It does drive him nuts--but he has learned to sometimes just sit back and let me work it out of my system.

I would absolutely hate designing the machines to make the toys!! I am creative and like the short term thought process of the designing--not the practical and technical aspect of putting it into practice.

***On a personal note--I really want to thank all of you for your support, kindness and acceptance. I was very touched at the comments and messages I have received on my article for Sexis. The car accident and resulting changes to my life were very difficult to share, but I felt safe revealing it and really needed to share my experiences. I just hope it can help someone else to realize they can work through tough issues with the help of a community of caring people and a site that encourages and provides opportunities that are unheard of and not available elsewhere. I will always wonder how many relationships and marriages have been saved by Eden's generous and innovative programs.

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Congrats girl!!!
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Congratulations that is a big accomplishment
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Congratulations! You have much to be proud of!!! Thanks for all you do that helps EF to be a place where so many different people can hang out and have positive experiences!
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Congrats and a monumental accomplishment!
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Originally posted by Ansley

Congratulations to js250, she has published her 400th review! What an amazing achievement in such a short period of time - she joined Eden just May of last year!

Since hitting 400 reviews, do you feel like you have a better ...
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Wow 400 is amazing!
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Congrats to you!
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Your comments and congratulations mean a lot to me!! You guys are the best and your kindness and caring is incredible!!

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