What's your favorite Aslan harness?

Contributor: FrustratedFemme FrustratedFemme
So, my girlfriend and I need a new harness. We're hoping to get a quality one this time, so we're probably getting one from Aslan. I'm thinking about getting the Jaguar G, but I still haven't made my decision. What is everyone's general consensus on what Aslan's best harness is?
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Contributor: KitKat16 KitKat16
My partner and I have the regular jock style Jaguar, and it's pretty damn durable and very comfortable to wear. It holds my gear in place with no movement. I've also found I feel really sexy wearing it, it looks good on! The harness is really top notch and I would get another of the same make if anything were to happen to it. The only thing I've noticed is the button snaps on it can rust which is a bit aggravating as far as cleaning goes.